Month: June 2014

My Boring Life 7:11 am 5/26/14


Well as the day started very early in the morning it began with me tossing and turning bed unable to fall back asleep. Sadly I have a very terrible sleeping habit I always had a tendency to stay up all night either reading, watching, or playing something of interest. Because of this it has led me to sleep throughout the day without a care. However because of this my mother decided to put an end to my daytime sleeping simply because, “only lazy people sleep through the day!!”. Though truth be told I was never a morning person. The very thought of the sun shining on my haggard face in the morning irritates me to no end. Not to mention hearing the birds singing makes me want to hit the with a slingshot. Although the main reason I usually sleep through the day is the fact there is little to nothing to do for me in the morning, so i see no reason to get up so early. Because my morning tend to go like this I wake up get breakfast then briefly return to my room as simple as that. However seeing how today,early in the morning, I am unable to squeeze anymore hours of sleep. I decided to start the day with meditation, because ever since I have returned from college my nerves have been on edge dealing with life problems(which sucks). (more…)


Human Morality vs Divine morality


Do you need a divine being to be moral?

The answer is no we do not need a divine being to be moral at least in my opinion. Why you may ask its simple really. Its because that human beings are smart enough to know what right from wrong is. We have Human Reason which is our God given intellect. With this God given intellect we must use it for ourselves to make the right moral decisions. But then there is the question “how do we know right from wrong”. Well this is a we would use our Human experience in order for ourselves to obtain collective wisdom from others. So we learn through observation on practical experiences rather than theory. So we can learn from others past mistakes and make better decisions for ourselves. The definition of morality is the behavior as it is affected by the observation of these principles. By this alone we can be able to define our character as to who we are be the choices we make through the use of our intellect and experiences. (more…)

The Intro

……Not sure what to do….since this is about the first time I’ve really done this, digitally, anyway I decided to make this a monologue, diary, journal, or whatever you wanna call it. How about we call this a Monogatari because those are always fun to read. Especially the Monogatari series made by Nisio Isin. I find his work very entertaining to read not to mention the psychological aspect. However in spite of that digression I should warn those reading if you expect some kind of epic or exciting story you may not get it. This is simply a monologue or monogatari ,if you will, of my observations, facts,opinions, and many inquires and criticism of not just my life but life in general. I use to state a lot saying the world is not yet ready for my opinion and I still believe that even till this very day.  However what’s the point of having a voice if you can’t be heard? We were given mouths to speak so guess I might as well take advantage. I obviously mean this in a figurative sense since I’m technically not speaking but I would hope you get the point. In addition I tend lean more on the introverted side of things. Oh, how rude of me I seemed to have forgotten the introductions, please excuse me. I’m am the author, narrator, main character, critic, and most importantly Awesome. The name is X, Mr.X to be exact. Now let the story begin!