The Intro

……Not sure what to do….since this is about the first time I’ve really done this, digitally, anyway I decided to make this a monologue, diary, journal, or whatever you wanna call it. How about we call this a Monogatari because those are always fun to read. Especially the Monogatari series made by Nisio Isin. I find his work very entertaining to read not to mention the psychological aspect. However in spite of that digression I should warn those reading if you expect some kind of epic or exciting story you may not get it. This is simply a monologue or monogatari ,if you will, of my observations, facts,opinions, and many inquires and criticism of not just my life but life in general. I use to state a lot saying the world is not yet ready for my opinion and I still believe that even till this very day.  However what’s the point of having a voice if you can’t be heard? We were given mouths to speak so guess I might as well take advantage. I obviously mean this in a figurative sense since I’m technically not speaking but I would hope you get the point. In addition I tend lean more on the introverted side of things. Oh, how rude of me I seemed to have forgotten the introductions, please excuse me. I’m am the author, narrator, main character, critic, and most importantly Awesome. The name is X, Mr.X to be exact. Now let the story begin!


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