Human Morality vs Divine morality


Do you need a divine being to be moral?

The answer is no we do not need a divine being to be moral at least in my opinion. Why you may ask its simple really. Its because that human beings are smart enough to know what right from wrong is. We have Human Reason which is our God given intellect. With this God given intellect we must use it for ourselves to make the right moral decisions. But then there is the question “how do we know right from wrong”. Well this is a we would use our Human experience in order for ourselves to obtain collective wisdom from others. So we learn through observation on practical experiences rather than theory. So we can learn from others past mistakes and make better decisions for ourselves. The definition of morality is the behavior as it is affected by the observation of these principles. By this alone we can be able to define our character as to who we are be the choices we make through the use of our intellect and experiences.

Human beings are smart enough to tell right from wrong. But in order for these to be achieved we must focus and use our intellect. Because there are a lot of people out there that are immoral. As in they know what right from wrong is but just choose to not do it. But through this it makes it seem that we need a divine being to keep us in line. But in reality intelligence and freedom are our gifts to being human. So for all the immoral people out there are just exercising their free will they are aware of what is moral and what is immoral they just choose not to do so. The Definition of a Moral person is a person with good moral character that are fully human: free, intelligent, responsible, social, spiritual, and open to growth. With this we all have the right of freedom and when we focus intellect we won’t need a divine being to be moral.

My point is that we could answer questions such as why would killing be wrong already with a Divine being stepping in. The answer would be that if there is a mass killing then the human race will rapidly decline making us an endangered species (if not already). Not killing would be the purpose of preserving our own race (though not doing such a good job). The same with suicide and mass homicide they all fit the bill. Also in the argument of abortion people have been struggling whether or not to use it and personally people make such a big deal about this constantly. Mind you I fully aware of how women may feel mental strain if they were raped or what not. But setting aside that for a moment there is still the third option of adoption which could probably settle a lot of arguments. The baby lives mother doesn’t have to worry about it. The point I’m trying to make is that a made a somewhat moral decision on my own with the use of my intellect. I’m sure some of the things I mentioned may make me seem cruel but guess what. Everyone doesn’t have to like me or my ideas which is one way to counteract the forces that can corrupt people from making moral decisions.

This proves that we human beings are very interesting creatures. Why? Because we are always put into weird, strange, and awkward situation that test our decision making skills on what is right or wrong and depending on our choice depends the outcome of our very lives. Some….sorry MOST decisions are boring, bland, banal, and predictable(at least in my point of view). But there are others who give interesting, important, and most importantly UNPREDICTABLE answers which make the situation more interesting to see just how exactly it will play out…My point is who exactly allows all these difficulties in our lives. God does because there could simple reason the possibility that God keep be testing our free will, freedom of choice, and our intellect. God could be testing us to make sure we are able to tell right from wrong, making sure the ends justify the means. As in to make sure we have the common sense to tell right from wrong on our own. Because you can’t just give people all the answer, you have to give them a way to figure it out on their own or else they haven’t learned anything.

In conclusion this my evidence and persuasive ideas to prove you don’t need a divine being to be moral. But then again everybody has their own opinion so what you choose to do with this information is up to whoever reads this. Whether you believe we need a divine being to be moral or not is entirely up to you. I am just the guy giving you some hints so you can figure out your own answer to this question. Remember people who just support one side of an argument without any real evidence to support said argument are wrong. Therefore I am NOT WRONG!!!!!!



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