My Boring Life 7:11 am 5/26/14


Well as the day started very early in the morning it began with me tossing and turning bed unable to fall back asleep. Sadly I have a very terrible sleeping habit I always had a tendency to stay up all night either reading, watching, or playing something of interest. Because of this it has led me to sleep throughout the day without a care. However because of this my mother decided to put an end to my daytime sleeping simply because, “only lazy people sleep through the day!!”. Though truth be told I was never a morning person. The very thought of the sun shining on my haggard face in the morning irritates me to no end. Not to mention hearing the birds singing makes me want to hit the with a slingshot. Although the main reason I usually sleep through the day is the fact there is little to nothing to do for me in the morning, so i see no reason to get up so early. Because my morning tend to go like this I wake up get breakfast then briefly return to my room as simple as that. However seeing how today,early in the morning, I am unable to squeeze anymore hours of sleep. I decided to start the day with meditation, because ever since I have returned from college my nerves have been on edge dealing with life problems(which sucks).

                               While in meditation I decided to get better grasp on my life by not complaining the whole day and instead focus solely on solutions. I decided this because I honestly hate people who constantly complain but yet does nothing to try and to fix their circumstances. But more realistically I didn’t wish to turn into my mother who has a tendency to complain a bit too much(a lot of the times). Don’t get me wrong it’s like she didn’t have good reason or the fact she doesn’t try to change circumstances, because she does. It’s more like hearing her voice drone on and on, over and over again, makes me want to staple my ears shut from time to time. So in an effort not to turn out like this I decided to,thoughtlessly, go through with it. At the end of my meditation i try to hop back into bed for one more hour of rest.

Well after an hour deciding get up, eat breakfast, and start this deplorable day. I didn’t think this at the moment cause I would be already breaking the decision I had made. Upon making my way to the kitchen I saw my mother who had just came from work in the night shift. We exchanged greetings as I proceeded into the kitchen. I soon noticed there was rice being cooked on the stove. I first thought it was porridge by the smell tell mother corrected. Why would my mom cook rice this early? Upon asking mom responded with,”I’m cooking rice for your dinner later. Remember I’m going to work 3-11 today.” “Oh yea” I responded very monotone. To be honest I had not remembered such a thing. This meant I was gonna be home alone for 8 hours. Which for translate to 8 hours of solitude to do whatever I want even sleep. While making my breakfast the TV was on the Looney tunes show however it wasn’t the classic one we all love. It was the remake of Bugs and Daffy as roommates. I only watched this pale imitation because it was a way to keep me awake and, admittedly, the show does have it’s good points. The only episode worth mentioning was the DMV one I watched where Daffy among others  try to get a license. I couldn’t help but feel a sense of foreboding as I am currently studying to get a Driver’s License. Upon this I grabbed my breakfast consisting of pancakes with bananas. Clapped my hands, “Itadakimasu” I said in a semi cheery voice, then I ate.

For those who are already had enough reading this feel free to stop cause even I’m getting bored by just reminiscing these facts, though you might miss out. However for those who are still expecting a story of epic proportion I will warn you again this is an expectation I probably won’t be able to live up to. Finally to those that choose to stick with to the very end, I appreciate your undying support and will try to not make this a complete snooze fest!!!!! Later once my mother had departed to work making sure to note the my dinner was in the fridge. I decided to take a well deserved nap at 3:00pm til I was abruptly woken up by the phone at 3:50. Apparently it was my father looking to see how I was doing. I was reluctant to answer if only to cease the annoying ringing sound. After a brief conversation I hung up with the intention to continue to nap till I kept getting texts from my Friend. Unable to take a hint i decided to get up and respond till, *growl* my stomach roared. “…..need food” with that being said I decided heat up my dinner around 5:00pm. Upon eating I actually played some soothing dinner music. You know nothing beats a good fusion of jazz and rap. Gotta love Nujabes, too bad. I’m starting to enter in a somewhat somber mood not to mention I have yet to utter a single complaint. However considering I was the only one there at the time it kinda be hard to complain in solitude…..well for most part. Because I live in an apartment the inevitable noise the “neighbors” make never ceases to interrupt the peace. However my mother hated it more the I did. *BAM* “…they sure are lively today”, I said this being very careful of uttering a complaint I came to far to fail now. After dinner I decided to play Danganronpa for a good 2 hours before moving on to something else. Personally I like taking my time with that game(plus I missed the bath scene event which got me a little annoyed). No my boredom decided to act so in order to quill it I decided to call a friend of mine, to whom I call Knucklehead (Obviously not his real name).

Soon I discovered that this was a mistake. The reason being in the midst of conversation he spewed nonsense. The first be how a lot of comic book heroes are depicted off of the bible in some way.

“……” I remain silent by his words to keep my composure. That was until however he stated….”you know superman knows alien kung fu?”  “……..What?” I said this with a hint of disgust. This ultimately led me to rant at the information given to me….darn an 10:00pm too i nearly made it. I’ll cut this part short because it gets no better from here. I end up sleeping at 2:34 at night….not my best idea. Yea I know this beyond dull but hey that’s my life hopefully it gets better….or not. I wonder how many people read to the end….hmm. See ya in the next part.




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