The Prattles of a Loser about “Love”

I know it has been a while but trust me nothing of that importance has happened in the days past that are “majorly” important. Just a few college mishaps I caused and am forced to deal with, but i digress. I guess today we will talk about the idea of love, the reason being that recently on so many social networks,especially twitter, many people are complaining about being lonely and wanting that special someone. By the way I should mention that these are mostly girls complaining, which should be very obvious considering guys don’t bring up such trivial things until later in their lives. However there are example of guys losing themselves and unfortunately not even I can escape this. With all of this crap being spewed I can’t help but I wonder,

“Why are people so fixated on finding someone special when they haven’t even begun to fully live their lives?” I said before typing on twitter. I really wanted to know the answer because in hindsight it makes absolutely no sense to me. Then again I never understood people in society let alone my own age group. Because the whole Idea of getting your soulmate at such young age is a foolish thing to hope for, and what’s worse is the fact that they expect such a fantasy to last forever. This absurdity baffles me to no end. Folks this is not an anime, manga, or a video game, such idealistic endings only exist in these works of fiction. Trust me no one is more annoyed by this travesty than me. This I why will continue to say “reality is such a shitty game.”

These prattles may seem to come from a loser with bad experiences in the realm of feelings and emotions. If that was your guess than you would be correct. However I’m not really complaining, I’m just putting my perspective on the subject. In addition if you are expecting this to come from someone that utterly hates love and it’s entirety, you would be half correct. To be honest it is no secret that I find the feelings of love to be pointless distraction, ergo I don’t care for it. However because of this I may have desensitized myself to certain emotions. I’m a self described loner, a cold, distant, and apathetic individual. I can’t even remember the last time I have ever been genuinely happy. An example of this is when how a group of girls has passed me and my friend, where he was surprised I didn’t mention on their appearance. “Didn’t you notice the girls walking by?!” Said my friend with astonishment. “Yea so what?” I said with an uncaring response. “Don’t you think the one in the middle was pretty good?” in response to this I replied with “Sorry hadn’t notice them.” He was speechless so I had to give him an explanation to my mindset. The equation is quite simple, I find such things when dealing with the opposite sex to be trivial which is why I tend to ignore. However that doesn’t mean I act like a monk. Quite the contrary I have gone as far to call myself a Sexaul Behavourist, for science of course. This leads me to asking females the most provocative of questions without a care. These questions being: what’s your bra size, what are your three sizes etc. Not to mention I tend to play the game of “Guess what color she is wearing”. Not to mention while doing this I have a tendency to flirt with them. I bet this all makes me seem like some sort of sexual deviant wanting to commit a sex crime at a moments notice. Well I assure the most I’ve done is fondle a few girls tits with most of their consent. Like I said I do not have such an innocent mindset. However there have been a few who think I was showing genuine emotions towards to them. Unfortunately I had to burst their bubble that this was not to be misunderstood as me being interested in you. If anything you can argue that a bit of lust was involved but also in the name of science.

By now I can tell the female readers,if they’re any, are probably disgusted with me and for good reason I suppose. However please remember I’m not in a relationship so it’s not like I’m cheating. In addition I refuse to take advantage of their feelings. I’m may be a lot of things but remember that a gentleman is indeed one of them. Though this might get overturned because I call myself a Perverted Gentleman. I may have perverted intentions but I refuse to force them on anyone. However when it tends when I noticed I may get a bit out of hand, I calmly remind myself that my thoughts must remain pure for I have achieved Zen. My usual mindset of love was the love was nothing but a game where the one who fall’s first loses. Obviously this mindset lead to many of my inevitable downfalls when pursuing a relationship. Now I know what I said previously contradicts my ideas, but remember I said that even guys can lose themselves and I was indeed one of them. That doesn’t mean I “fell in Love”, heavens no. It means that even I can very attracted to a girl to the point I attempt to make them my girlfriend, in which I always fail every single time.

However I digress, no need to relive those traumatic experiences. The bottom line of this matter is because of the constant over romanticising of love has caused a vast number of people to have such absurd ideas. However the same could be said in the opposite. There has been a lot of demonizing of the idea of marriage and the like through stand up comedians, movies, sitcoms, and soap operas or whatever else drama shows people watch. This could cause quite a number of individuals such as myself to not bother with such courtships out of how troubling it is or at least appears to be. Though they are things about this topic that I may never completely understand, I want to leave you with this. When you say you are in “love” don’t you really mean infatuated, lust, or highly interested? If not then what is it about them you “love”? I’m no expert but if you even have to think about these questions should already give you an answer. Sheesh……. when did I become so philosophical? or a love therapist? Let’s end this before I get another headache again and feel free to agree and disagree. God only knows why I chose this topic…….Later.



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