Month: February 2015

The Mysterious Valentine…

This is a bit late, but I had some new engagements to deal with as of late. Whether or not I will share these developments is still in question as they are, well, developing. Funny how that works isn’t it? Not to mention that recently Friday the 13th rolled around and you wouldn’t believe the day I had. I had to actually wear my lucky brand(actual brand name) underwear, sheesh talk about the runaround. Normally I would apologize, but I believe Araragi also made it a habit of skipping the 13th, though in this case it really was inevitable. Oh well, none of those things are neither here nor there. It’s Valentine’s day, a day to be with your loved ones. This is a day for surprise confessions/marriage proposals and to let others know that you care. However, this is also a day where deceit and lies can take form in one of the most dangerous facets. I’m talking about “love”. This is a day where it is glorified and abused, but I’m not going to preach my “Prattles” again. As a disclaimer, I just wish to state this is not a Love Story by any means. So to those still reading at this point, I hope you are enjoying your chocolates! (more…)


Another sleepless night for the wicked

OK, I just want to start off by saying that in my life I have been subjected to the most awkward conversations in my life. I have also bared witness to some of the most asinine arguments yet, hearing the most ludicrous statements and their reasoning behind them are even more absurd. However, this one has got to be in my current top ten in terms of awkward as hell. These are one of the few stories to happen during my long hiatus in 2014. However, there was a bit of a reason why I chose to hold off on this story, simply because of the ridiculous subject matter. Honestly, this event has caused me to rethink a little bit on the human psyche and how easily people can be influenced. Though, in this case, it was not for money, but for a more practical use? Well, that is enough rambling from me, on to the story. (more…)

The Determination for a Resurrection!

……Will then, it certainly has been a while…..Firstly I would like to apologize for my extremely long Hiatus. In addition, I am not dead by any means so don’t kill me off so easily. Last year has been many hallmarks in my life, mostly for things coming to an end. Only a rare few had immense value to me, which I will share some other time. Before you ask me, my Hiatus was not because of any sadness or depression of any sorts. It was caused by my overwhelming laziness and lack of material to use. Like I said in a previous posts my life is not very eventful, like I’m some MC in a manga, anime, or some other form of a fictional medium that people happen across. However after reading a number of books and articles and such, I became determined that I don’t want to lose this, my Monogatari. One of the few voices I have that are unhindered, therefore I want to declare war against 2015 onward. 2014 was the year of things ending(especially a lot of manga ending, like Naruto, Tokyo ghoul, and etc.), So I will make 2015 the year of new beginnings. Will my era of awesomeness finally begin? Who knows, not even I can answer that question at this point in time. However I, X, your host, your narrator, will continue to bring my acerbic witticisms, observation, opinions, criticisms, and above all the FACTS on the in inquires of life. So hopefully to my followers(if I have any left) and to you newcomers, I hope you can follow in this apparent journey I’m trying to set forth.
This is one of my last fights against boredom, so I do hope you join my crusade. Oh, while this is very late, I wish you a belated Merry Christmas and a Belated Happy New Year. So with that, I leave you , see you in the next entry.