The Mysterious Valentine…

This is a bit late, but I had some new engagements to deal with as of late. Whether or not I will share these developments is still in question as they are, well, developing. Funny how that works isn’t it? Not to mention that recently Friday the 13th rolled around and you wouldn’t believe the day I had. I had to actually wear my lucky brand(actual brand name) underwear, sheesh talk about the runaround. Normally I would apologize, but I believe Araragi also made it a habit of skipping the 13th, though in this case it really was inevitable. Oh well, none of those things are neither here nor there. It’s Valentine’s day, a day to be with your loved ones. This is a day for surprise confessions/marriage proposals and to let others know that you care. However, this is also a day where deceit and lies can take form in one of the most dangerous facets. I’m talking about “love”. This is a day where it is glorified and abused, but I’m not going to preach my “Prattles” again. As a disclaimer, I just wish to state this is not a Love Story by any means. So to those still reading at this point, I hope you are enjoying your chocolates!

It’s February 14, 2014, and at the time I was in college while everyone is planning Valentine’s day events. Lucky for me, I do not have classes so I am just sleeping through most of the day without any care. However when people in my dorm kept blasting their music along with random singing and knocking sounds. I eventually grew tired of the annoying BGM so I decide to creep out of bed. My friend, Major, sends a text asking about dinner, looking at the time I figured I should go for food. As I left my room preparing to leave and face the wintry elements, I couldn’t help but notice the heap of flyers and such posted all over the dormitory. “I really hope they don’t knock on my door for these events, ” I said with an exhausted sigh. The thing is whenever dorms hold events of any kind they feel the need to forcibly knock on people’s door to get people’s attention as if such barbaric mannerisms work. I could not tell how many times I would be sound asleep at night, only to hear the hammers of hell knocking on my door. After that brief oversight, I simply adjusted my scarf and headed out the door in search of food.

When dinner ended, Major and I decided to reconvene at my dorm. We decided to go to my room and play Super Smash Bros. Melee, where Major is by far THE MOST CHEAPEST PLAYER I HAVE EVER PLAYED, but I digress. As soon as we walk in we noticed that the RA’s and a couple others are setting up and participating in another valentines activity. If memory serves they were making some sort of arts and crafts. Which I personally did not care for at the time. As we passed by, we mostly saw girls and maybe a few guys enjoying themselves in merriment. “Would you guys like to join us?” The group of girls asked. We both respectfully declined having no interest in socializing. As we walked towards the stairs, I couldn’t help but hear cheery laughter. However, for some reason, that laugh was enough to set my nerves on edge.

During the late hours, after another consecutive victory by me, Major began to grow restless. “If you expect to beat me with only cheap crap, you are gonna have a hard time,Apparently,” I said in a superior tone of voice. The Major’s idea of beating me is to keep going for Kirbycide, which is super annoying but beatable when experienced. I decide to take a quick bathroom break, but upon returning I noticed a commotion up ahead. It came from my Kay’s room who is one of the people I hang around from time to time in Apparently,Kay got a lot of candy and me being a sweet tooth I jumped at the chance to get some. Since we were on good terms he did not hesitate to offer me some along with the other guys there at the time. However the real meat of this encounter was how this candy was given to him by a whole bunch of girls. This did not surprise me one bit. Kay is a basketball player and a pretty damn good one from what I have heard. He is also a very chill guy to hang around with. Kay was my go to person to hang around with in the dorm when I was bored, watching a crap ton of Netflix. So it’s no surprise that he would have many admirers.

As he was reading all these letters, he came across one that did not have a sender. The other guys were surprised by this trying to find out who would send the letter. Honestly, I was too invested in the sweets to care much. I did find it a bit odd, but I wasn’t surprised because these kinds of stuff happens to popular people a lot, especially athletes in animes anyway. Jeez what this some Shoujo crap? While monologuing to myself, something did surprise me. “Yo X, can you find out who sent this?” Kay asked me. I still had a piece of candy sticking out of my mouth as I stared at him a bit confused. Apparently the reason I was asked was because he had heard of me doing Detective stuff. Honestly, I was going to volunteer anyway cause I was bored so I took the case. While suddenly remembering I left Major in my room, I decided to retrieve him. When I returned, I filled Major in on the case at hand. He agreed to assist me as “the Watson”, but his real intention was “I want to get a proper look at your detective skills” Major said. I shrugged my shoulders and told him to get a notebook. Once again in Kay’s room and asked him all the ins and outs of the case. Kay began listing possible suspects, as Major was taking down notes as I was simply lost in thought, trying to narrow down the list of possibilities. Once we were done, Major and I set out to to question all of the suspected girls. Long story short all of the suspects were cleared and we reached some semblance of a dead end. Eventually Major got a text from a friend in their dorm requesting his return on a pressing matter. Apparently Major had his own case to solve. When I got wind of this I decided to walk Major out the front door and now I was alone to solve this conundrum. As I was returning to my room to think I noticed the RA, Lexus, and a couple others help clean up after the Valentines event. Once again, I still felt on edge…..

Instead of returning to my room I decided to go for a walk around while going over the facts again in my mind. I decided to take look at the letter once again to see what I can accurately deduce. Letter was handwritten on printing paper, based on how the letters were formed, it was obviously feminine handwriting so this eliminated the chance of a guys prank. It did not leave any kind of scent and was written in crayon. As I ponder’d these facts I came across the Valentine flyers again, however this time something stood out to me. One of the flyers were hand written, so I immediately compared it to the letter. They were an instant match, so I went to Kay where I told him my findings so far. With this I figured out whoever did this must have been the ones helping out the Valentines day events and sure enough the RA that orchestrated the event on the paper was Lexus. So they guys listening thought Lexus was the culprit whoever that was unlikely as she already had a boyfriend. So upon telling Kay this ran to find Lexus while telling Kay “The next time I return I’ll know for sure who it is” he waved with a “Good Job” and I was off.

I finally found Lexus as she sat in the front desk, so without wasting any time, I subjected her to questions. “Do you know who wrote this”? I said, holding the flyer while a bit exhausted from running. She looked confused a bit hesitant to answer “What do you mean” she said. She knows! I thought to myself, So I told her how I am trying to solve the incident of a mysterious letter. “Um…X, I don’t remember giving you any letter…Are you jealous or something?” You’ve gotta be kidding me…..Do I look like I care for something like that? Believe it or not this banter of me being jealous gone on for a while. So I had to explain it to her in the simplest way I could. “Look, Kay got this mysterious letter and he asked me to look into who sent it to him”, I said feeling exasperated. When finally realizing what I was asking, I thought I would finally get some answers…until. “NOPE NO WAY I’M TELLING. That’s for Kay to find out” she said this while laughing in my face. To be honest, I knew this would happen if I told the truth, but I didn’t have a choice because before we just kept going around in circles. So I return to my room feeling a bit dejected.

In my room thinking about what has happened. I came to realize that this was to draw out Kay for some reason. Wanting to wrap this case up as soon as possible I decide to play a Sherlock and go to my Mind palace. Hopefully, this works. As I combed through every part of my memory through the day I kept seeing only one logical conclusion. Satisfied with my answer I set off to find the culprit(s). I entered a living room area where I saw two girls watching TV. Not wanting to be rude, I waited till commercial and then confronted the girls. I asked them if they wrote the flyer for the Valentines event, they admitted it in confusion. When I heard this I took out the letter asking “So why did you send this to Kay?” The girl’s mouths were gaped in surprise shrieking “Why do you have this?” Do they know it’s rude to answer a question with a question? I ignored their question with a “don’t worry about it” to where they were insisting “What about Kay isn’t he coming? Where is he?” with hints of disappointment in their voices. Guess I’m not good enough. I smiled sarcastically at the thought while shrugging my shoulders. This conversation was going nowhere, so I left since I already confirmed my suspicion.

I once again return to Kay to give him all the final details of his request. “So how did you find out?” He asked. Upon closer inspection, this was very simple, since the moment I passed the first event I noticed those two girls helping Lexus setup and cleanup. In addition, when I passed by with Major, I noticed that the girls were participating in the event which would explain where they got the crayons and stuff to create the letter, to begin with. When I told all the facts to Kay he was very thankful. However, the moment I told him who the girls were, he threw out the letters. I expected as much, those girls had a reputation of trying to mess around with every guy(basically calling them Thots) and what’s worse, neither of them looked attractive(at least to Kay and I and several others). Either way, I did not care. I already did my job and solved the case now happens after is none of my concern. So as I received all the thanks and other stuff(mostly food) as my reward, I left walking, smiling triumphantly as I text Major that finished my case before him. This case took me an hour to solve it was not really a challenge, though I would have preferred to solve a Valentine’s murder. This did manage to make me somewhat scratch that itch I have felt and actually make Valentine’s day less boring for me that year. However this year I have got that itch again but this time I spend Valentine’s day watching the snow fall ever so slowly.

Needless to say this year I spent Valentines Day alone as usual, which I honestly do not mind since I never have anybody in mind anyway. Though I wonder, how did those two girls spend this year without a troublemaker like me interfering? Hopefully, Kay and the others managed to have a peaceful one. Now what about you ,my readers? How did you spend your Valentines, with a loved one or by yourself? More importantly, how did you enjoy my mystery? Was it enjoyable or too lengthy? I’M SUPER CURIOUS (lol chitanda). I hope you all enjoyed my mysterious Valentines case. To all of you that received chocolates from someone special, congratulations!! To the rest that did not, better luck next year!! Now I Leave you hoping you had a wonderful Valentines Day and I will see you in the next entry.




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