Month: March 2015

Did I just get Hacked or Stalked?

Well with St. Patty’s day coming and going, so many controversial topics and incidents have come up. Neither of which has anything to do with me, but I guess it’s good to keep up with current events. More to the point, this is just another one of those stories that just happened for whatever reason. In addition, I don’t know why it started and I’m not entirely sure if someone (or something) I know was screwing with me. All I know is that it was enough to aggravate me. Like seriously, have you ever had those moments when you just want to hit your friend over the head, just because it felt right? If you couldn’t tell this is gonna be another one of those stories. Honestly this experience really makes me want to limit who I try to keep in contact with. Thankfully I am a misanthropist, so such a task is easy to execute. Ladies and Gentlemen, I, Mr.X,  really hope you enjoy another banter between me and this Knuckleheaded idiot. Now let the story begin. (more…)


When Zombies Attack!!…..except not really…

Would you look at that, we’ve made it to another month and haven’t disappeared on hiatus again(sorry about that). I will cut to the chase, there is no way for me to do daily blog entries given my schedule. It’s just not possible, so if I happen to disappear for a few days or weeks. It either means I’m too busy or nothing of particular interest has happened unless you want another “My boring life” entry again. Which, let’s be honest, nobody wants. I don’t want to write it and you don’t want to read it, fair enough? Since we are in agreement I will try to do monthly posts at the very least. Though if it takes awhile, remember that patience is a virtue people. It will come when it comes. Now enough of this twaddle; time to explain what happened in my this little misadventure. This was yet another request for my skills in detection. To be honest, I wasn’t really interested in the task, but it did prove to be mildly entertaining. So to the Ladies and Gentleman reading this, I hope this unconventional tale is enough to entertain you. Now, let the story begin. (more…)