Did I just get Hacked or Stalked?

Well with St. Patty’s day coming and going, so many controversial topics and incidents have come up. Neither of which has anything to do with me, but I guess it’s good to keep up with current events. More to the point, this is just another one of those stories that just happened for whatever reason. In addition, I don’t know why it started and I’m not entirely sure if someone (or something) I know was screwing with me. All I know is that it was enough to aggravate me. Like seriously, have you ever had those moments when you just want to hit your friend over the head, just because it felt right? If you couldn’t tell this is gonna be another one of those stories. Honestly this experience really makes me want to limit who I try to keep in contact with. Thankfully I am a misanthropist, so such a task is easy to execute. Ladies and Gentlemen, I, Mr.X,  really hope you enjoy another banter between me and this Knuckleheaded idiot. Now let the story begin.

So many things have happened to me in the past, some of which I am not exactly proud of. The year 2015 had just started and I already receive stupid problems to deal with. These haven’t even been issued from prospective clients or anything. These have been just stupid things that happen to me which became a nuisance. It escalated so much so that on February 1, 2015 I was reaching my climax. However, we must rewind to late December 2014. During the holidays, I was too busy with some self loathing over personal matters. One thing that kept bothering during the time is I kept receiving random texts from email addresses I didn’t recognize. Honestly, I just kept ignoring them for two reasons: 1. I was too busy brooding over the holidays while chugging eggnog(with brandy). 2. I just didn’t care…..at all.

Fast-forward to January 2015, I’m still getting those stupid texts. The thing that annoys me is that they are all spamming me with promises of sexual favors and to join in video chats. I of course never respond because that’s just what you do when you get spammed. There should be laws against spamming, but then again the justice system has enough ridiculous laws in power. So no need to add more fuel to the fire, right? So a couple weeks go by and the massive texts I receive from these unknown sources were getting a bit out of control. If only real girls could text like this. This thought crosses through my head as I am deleting each and everyone of these things off my phone. I’m still not giving them much thought. However, I start to suspect that these are coming from someone who I gave my number to fooling around with it. My suspicion soon dissipates simply because any likely people who would pull some stunt like that is no longer in my inner circle. Their numbers aren’t even in my phone anymore, so it’s not like I could even get a hold of them for questioning. So at this point my only option was to grit my teeth and bear it. Though I honestly wasn’t that annoyed….that was until….

February 1st, 2015, day of the super bowl. Personally I don’t care for sports and the super bowl is the only football game I am willing to watch. Of course, I mostly watch it for the commercials(yes I am one of those people deal with it). Suddenly I receive a text from Knucklehead, which lead to us having a Skype call. Though I got into a bit of a snag before I could call him. So I get on Skype and the first thing I notice is that someone sent me some type of friend request. I had no idea who this was and they had no profile picture. I won’t reveal the name on the off chance it was a real person trying to spam me…which I doubt. This leads me into mistake #1; like an unsuspecting dumbass I accepted the request. Though in my defense, I didn’t expect much to come from this(boy was I wrong). Few seconds after I accepted the person in question, they started talking to me through the chat. Thus, I made mistake #2; I responded to them….

During this make shift conversation, it actually seemed like a normal one. So a random girl is just talking to me normally? I was a bit surprised on the normalcy of the conversation. Pfft…as if that could happen. However, I wasn’t sold that this was a legitimate encounter not in the slightest. We were just talking about college and massive snow pile up. Meanwhile I’m just trying to figure out as to “where the hell is this going?” until… “Hey you wanna do something fun?” and there it was. Immediately bells went off in my head warning me that something bad was gonna happen. And here I thought I was working on the hermit arcana. The thought ran through my mind as a way laughing off the situation. Which lead me to mistake #3: Instead of leaving the conversation right there, I choose to respond with “….?” as I was speechless at the moment. I was indeed disappointed, but it’s not like this wasn’t in my realm of expectations. After my lack of a response they continued(fellas stop me if you heard this before) to respond by telling me how her girlfriend works “online” and found out what she does for a living; then after her girlfriend convinces to work online by doing webcam shows. I didn’t bother to respond at all because of my shock and horror.

I wasn’t shocked at this person’s apparent profession, because I saw that coming….Good Night everybody! No, what scared me was…….MY COMPUTER WAS BUGGING OUT!!! “WHAT THE HELL!?” I see my computer is crapping out on me severally which lead me to think. Am I being hacked? Seriously?! I tried to immediately block them, but I couldn’t grasp control of the system well. Realizing how dire this situation is, I instantly restarted my laptop hoping this could stop the problem. While this happened, I immediately texted Knucklehead, the only techhead I could get on hand at the moment telling him the severity of the situation. “DUDE I THINK I’M GETTING STALKED, NEED HELP!!” to which he felt the need to respond with “Yea dude I’m eating right now”. Please tell me he is joking. Sadly, that Jerk wasn’t…being upset, I decided to pull a Barney Stinson and respond “THIS IS SO GOING IN MY BLOG!!!” sue me.

Having no assistance at the moment, I use the Skype app on my phone to first block and get rid of whoever that was. Once my laptop was up and running I had virus scan to make sure everything was in proper, working order. I repeat this for awhile until Knucklehead finally called, and boy if looks could kill. I explained the entire situation to him and he pondered as to what all this meant. While he was thinking I made sure to check all my files, making sure nothing got stolen or compromised. “Maybe it really was a hacker trying to compete with you.” “Come again?” I said having no idea what he was getting at. “Hear me out, they asked if you wanted to do something fun, right? Maybe they wanted to test their hacking skills against you.” After hearing his explanation it suddenly dawned on me My friend is a bloody moron. I honestly felt like hitting him over the head, but soon perished the thought as I was nowhere near him. Though to be fair his guess was as good as mine since I don’t really keep anything of value on my CPU itself. However it still didn’t stop me from insulting him, “How much of an idiot or Chuunibyo are you?” to where he responds “Hey Chuunibyo is love, Chuunibyo is life”. I guess he never did outgrow the sickness. Honestly this was indirectly his fault for forcing me to get skype in the first place. “Get Skype you said, It will be fun, you said” as if his arrogant tone couldn’t get any worse “Not my fault you choose to listen to me since you asked for my opinion.” “NANI!?” This went on for awhile.

Random insults later, we had to do a complete system check everything seemed to check out well. Around that time the Half-time show appeared with Katy Perry. Throughout the entire performance I couldn’t help but think What the hell am I watching? Knucklehead and I are both laughing at this nonsensical musical while he wondered whether the tiger was mechanical or not. “You can clearly see the people on the bottom moving the feet.” I said. Things only got more absurd with the video screened floor to the dancing sharks. Then that whole Missy Elliott appearance happened. “Who the hell is that?” Knucklehead and I said in unison. It wasn’t till I check on twitter that I found what her name was…. “Name still doesn’t ring a bell, you?” “No idea” we still didn’t know. She must not be important… Neither us cared about the Super Bowl in general, we were mostly playing Elsword; only the commercials really caught our interest so much so I don’t really remember the game just the laughs that were shared with my friend……but he is still a jerk.

So Ladies and Gentlemen that is the story of how I was getting hacked/stalked. Then again, I wonder if I was really suffering from a cyber attack. I would make a joke, but I don’t want an “Anonymous” group to attack me(seriously don’t). So what of you my viewers? Have you suffered from any mishaps in the cyber world? If so, I hope none of you suffered any extreme losses. Though I wonder if those were really just random spam texts or was there really a villain coming at me with a battle of wits? Funny thing, in march someone I didn’t know tried adding me again on Skype. Needless to say this time it was an immediate block. I hope many of you reading this will learn a lesson from my mishap and to better traverse the cyber world or just get a netnavi. Well, that’s it for me as it is time to disappear under this snowy moonlight called spring. See you in the next entry.


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