Month: June 2015

Is it wrong to Know?

Ladies and Gentlemen!!! Once again, I, Mr.X, your loving yet acerbic narrator has returned to you in all awesomeness. My apologies to those who have been waiting patiently for my next work. To be honest, even though I’m currently freed from college, I still have certain obligations to fulfill. Ah, such as life. Currently I am in the process of reading another light novel(No Game No Life V6). Not to mention my personal endeavors haven’t bore much fruit…sadly. However, that is enough of that silly trifle. Today my fellow viewers I have no story to tell today(it’s been a slow month). Rather, I have another inquiry to share with you. This may spark a bit of controversy, but I implore you to read thoroughly to the end. In any case, let us end this twaddle, and begin the deconstruction!! (more…)