Is it wrong to Know?

Ladies and Gentlemen!!! Once again, I, Mr.X, your loving yet acerbic narrator has returned to you in all awesomeness. My apologies to those who have been waiting patiently for my next work. To be honest, even though I’m currently freed from college, I still have certain obligations to fulfill. Ah, such as life. Currently I am in the process of reading another light novel(No Game No Life V6). Not to mention my personal endeavors haven’t bore much fruit…sadly. However, that is enough of that silly trifle. Today my fellow viewers I have no story to tell today(it’s been a slow month). Rather, I have another inquiry to share with you. This may spark a bit of controversy, but I implore you to read thoroughly to the end. In any case, let us end this twaddle, and begin the deconstruction!!

(Disclaimer: If you happen to be a religious bigot or is easily offended do not read any further. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.)

“Is knowledge a sin?” Believe it or not, some people tend to wonder about this. Even in my moments of solitude, I tend to toss the question around in my head as a mental exercise to keep my mind sharp. However, is knowledge a sin? Isn’t ignorance also a sin? Is it wrong to know anything at all or is it only wrong to know too much? Even so, how can you have too much knowledge? What is too much Knowledge? The long list of questions just keeps going on and on without any signs of stopping. Honestly, with no proper footing to start our analysis, we might as well start with a book that takes about sins in a great deal. Yes, I am talking about the bible.(King James Version)

Ok then, a good majority of people, whether you are religious or not, should at least heard of the story of Adam and Eve. If not, here is a brief summary: God created earth, then he created man(Adam) and then the woman(Eve). The  main point is the two trees in the story. One being called the Tree of life and the second is The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. God had made forbidden Adam and Eve to eat from the Tree of Good and Evil, but why? The Tree of Life basically grants you immortality when you eat the fruit. The Tree of Good and Evil simply gives one the ability “to be like God” or at least that’s what the serpent told Eve to trick her into eating it. Then she convinced Adam to eat as well and things went downhill from there… It turns out the Tree of Good and Evil just gives someone the knowledge of good and evil, so in a way I guess you do become like God? However, let’s analyze this a bit more.

When Adam and Eve met the Bible stated “They were both naked, and not ashamed”, but when they ate from the forbidden tree the realized their nakedness and were ashamed. Why is it that Adam and Eve just now realized their shame in being naked? Theory #1: They were feeling their bare selves exposed for sinning against God, which is where their sense of shame comes in. Theory #2: After eating from the tree they possibly saw being naked as an “evil” thing because of their new found knowledge. If you look at our society, Streaking and just wandering around naked is considered against the law as indecent exposure. Now, I am aware that using a mortal sense of law in a theological sense could be taken as beyond ridiculous but follow me on this one. Just because you do something wrong without knowing doesn’t make it correct. Sure, it might make you easier to forgive, except in the eyes of the law, it doesn’t erase the fact that you made an error or “sin”. If we assume that Theory #2 has some basis to it. The perfect man and woman once called Adam and Eve, were only perfect through ignorance. They didn’t know what evil was, so as far as they were concerned, everything they were doing was “correct”. The only sense of “evil” they had was how God warns them not to eat the from the forbidden tree. As a consequence for their thirst for knowledge they were doomed to die. God had stated: “man has become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also the Tree of Life, and live forever” so with this we can conclude at the very least that the serpent didn’t necessarily lie to Eve about “becoming like God”. It just left out the consequences and the how to guide to achieve it. So all this lead to darkness in the world blah blah etc. Go read the Bible if you want to read more.

I won’t get into the whole theory as whether or not God thought of his own creations as a threatening existence to his own regime because it can go either way and it is kinda self explanatory(not really). So the main lesson I’m learning here is that through ignorance, they got eternal life and peace. However through the knowledge they got death and suffering…that seems like a fair trade… The irony of this is that in today’s society it’s the opposite. With ignorance you can find some sort of peace, hence “Ignorance is bliss”, but it can also lead to death and chaos(wars, slavery etc.). Though with knowledge, we can get better communities and advancements

(technology, medicine etc.). The irony only increases as many people seek more knowledge to potentially grab at immortality. Which leads to some believing that some form of the Tree of life(or fountain of youth) still exist(Kamen Rider: Gaim, Pirates of the Caribbean) thus calling them the forbidden fruit, talk about irony.

I am fully aware that there is a thing as “knowing too much”, but this coming from a hobbyist Detective should tell you how much I actually mind my business(I just keep my mouth shut). However, I really do believe in knowing too much info. This is a Sherlockian method I try to enforce on myself, keeping my mind attic clean! I vividly research and read a lot of esoteric subjects as a way to increase my skill in deduction as well as learning a few tricks up sleeves. However, I make sure I can get practical use from the information especially when needed most. There are a few drawbacks, like being terrible with names. I never forget a face, but a name tends to escape. Then again, it never bothers me cause if it’s a one time encounters with people, why bother? However, that is a slight digression. What exactly is knowledge? Could really be a human’s downfall? Though knowledge used productively like the Sherlockian method can really bear wondrous fruit(pun intended). Honestly, when you look at how this happened and this can translate into society today, it makes me wonder…. “Is it really wrong to know?”

Now, that is my deconstruction on whether or not knowledge is considered a sin theory. I will admit it is a bit if a no nonsense theory, but it’s still something to think about. As always, feel free to tell me your opinion on the matter. Was my analysis thought provoking or just outright lame? Recently, on June 11 marked my one year anniversary of X no Monogatari blog. I just want to sincerely thank all the people that happen to follow me and read my work,YOU ARE ALL AWESOME, and here’s to another year of intrigue and interest. Hopefully when I get more followers I’ll be able to do something more to celebrate. Remember folks, knowledge is a dubious thing to wield. It can be a powerful weapon used to either destroy or create evil, while destroying ourselves as well. So recommend we all practice temperance when it comes to striving towards our goals. Well Ladies and Gentleman, that’s it for me, fell free to share my work if you enjoyed it. Time for me to vanish into Twilight and as always, I will see you in the next entry.



  1. I used to think I knew too much, but now, I understand. #NOTHINGMatters you might wanna check my blog. Maybe you can help me set some things straight.

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