Month: September 2015

Mass. Confusion!!!

 Hello there, my fellow readers, how are all of you doing? Once again, I’d like to apologize for my vague appearance and my haphazard writing schedule. With the whole moving in and adjusting to college life and such, it is very difficult save time just to write….for fun anyways. So thank you for your constant understanding and support. Now that the pleasantries are over with. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Mr.X here to bring you yet another tale of my adventures. Once again my skills in the art of detection were brought to test with this new challenge. Though is was hardly difficult it was still an interesting encounter and I hope all of you football fans get a kick out of this story. Now, without out further adieu, let the story begin. (more…)


Farewell my Friend, You be greatly missed, Sparky..

      Hello there everyone,your enigmatic narrator has returned to once again to delight you with a tale. Before that, I would like to humbly apologize for skipping my monthly appointment in July. It was very rude of me to disappear without any reason, but Summer Boredom/Madness was starting to seriously irritate me. In addition to the fact I was reading several books to keep myself entertained. Thus making it almost impossible to write. Even now with back to school season setting in, I’m it would seem that my distaste for the coming seasons continues to grow. With no jobs or cases of any sort to fill my lust for adventure. However, I digress from this insignificant twaddle. It is with a great sadness that this tale I bring you is by no means a happy one. Ladies and Gentlemen, I, Mr. X, bring this tale with the pain of loss. The loss of a Beloved Friend and a Cherished Family member, so let us begin…. (more…)