Farewell my Friend, You be greatly missed, Sparky..

      Hello there everyone,your enigmatic narrator has returned to once again to delight you with a tale. Before that, I would like to humbly apologize for skipping my monthly appointment in July. It was very rude of me to disappear without any reason, but Summer Boredom/Madness was starting to seriously irritate me. In addition to the fact I was reading several books to keep myself entertained. Thus making it almost impossible to write. Even now with back to school season setting in, I’m it would seem that my distaste for the coming seasons continues to grow. With no jobs or cases of any sort to fill my lust for adventure. However, I digress from this insignificant twaddle. It is with a great sadness that this tale I bring you is by no means a happy one. Ladies and Gentlemen, I, Mr. X, bring this tale with the pain of loss. The loss of a Beloved Friend and a Cherished Family member, so let us begin….


                             August 18th, 2015… Wasn’t too long ago really. It was just another day, I woke up at 12:00 pm in the afternoon. I was still groggy so I leaped out of bed and steadily headed for the kitchen in search of food. On the way I made a slight detour to the living room to check of my Parakeet who will be known as Sparky. Upon walking to his cage, I noticed that was on the bottom floor of the cage breathing a bit erratic. Sparky appeared to be stuck and exhausted as well. He had been sick for awhile now and he was really old. Once I took notice that it was a struggle just to walk and his wings couldn’t seem to fly. I knew the end was fast approaching… As I stood there waiting patiently, I couldn’t help but reminisce the memories I had with Sparky from when I got him to…the end…

                           In the year 2004, I believe I was in fourth grade, elementary school. On a particular day our teacher decided to show the class our new class pets. They were two Parakeets who we’ll call Raito and Sparky. That was my first meeting with them. Of course the class of misfits, including myself and Knucklehead were very excited to have our very own class pets. Eventually the teacher decided on a system where every week the kids get a turn to bring them home with us. As some may imagine it lead to a few childish squabbles, but that never mattered to me. Every time I was able to bring Raito and Sparky home with me, I was always excited to have them around and my mother also enjoyed their company. Eventually, I went on to fifth grade where I was dealing with a whole new brand of craziness. I was taken to a different classroom so that meant “bye bye” to the two parakeets I had fun with. Turns out that “bye bye” meant “see ya later” as when I went on to seventh grade, I had the same teacher from fourth grade. For a proper exposition to this story, allow me to explain. The school I went to for K-8 was a very small school, ranging from about 50-30 students or less with only and handful of teachers. This caused a lot of both classes and teachers to be switched around consistently. The school sucked to be totally honest. It was a small religious school, which is Ironic because to me it felt like hell by almost every sense of the word. It left me with terrible memories with only a few highlights, Raito and Sparky were one of them.

                                  Seventh grade proved to be quite…hectic with Raito and Sparky. So much happened from Raito laying two eggs that were inevitably crushed because neither Raito and Sparky cared to take proper care of it. The kids tried so hard to make a nest, too bad it proved fruitless as Raito destroyed the nest and disregarded the egg. Then there was the incident where the birds were left at school during the weekend… Boy we were in for a surprise come Monday, sheesh, they looked battered as if they were fighting each other. Immediately, the teacher brought them to the vet. Fun Fact: we had no idea what Gender the birds were. First trip to the vet and they stated they were both female, the second trip stated that Sparky was actually male. Even till this day I’m not entirely sure, but I just referred to Sparky as a guy. Eventually, I graduated that terrible place of a school and went on to high school. However, before my first year really got started, my old teacher found me and my mother then asked us to pet sit. Apparently, I was the one that took the best care of the birds whenever I got a chance to take them home(one of them at least). So while my teacher was away, she thought best to take care of them and so we did.

                                 So for that year 2009, mother and I took care of Raito and Sparky and all was pretty good…..until one summer. That summer I believe I was binging on Sonic Heroes because I heard there was a secret story I have yet to play so I played every day in order to unlock it playing through all the teams’ story(it was a pain). Although while I was playing I couldn’t help but notice such a ruckus going on with the bird’s cage. I checked and saw Raito and Sparky rough housing all over their cage. I didn’t understand why, but I put a stop to it instantly. Besides harming each other, they were interrupting my gaming session with their loud noise. Eventually, I brought the matter to my mother’s attention. She merely stated they may have been mating, now given that neither of us knew exactly what exactly their gender was, I couldn’t agree with that. Though I couldn’t really retort that and I had seven chaos emeralds to collect so I choose to accept my mother’s decision. However, despite my age at the time, one thing to me was clear…..That didn’t look like any mating I have seen.

                          One day my mother and I noticed the lack of sound coming from the cage. Upon further inspection, we discovered that Raito died(killed is my guess). At the time, my mother was in shock and torn up about it. I on the other hand was more taken aback by how violently Raito died. I wasn’t on the verge of tears or anything but then again, I saw this coming a mile away. I was told to eat dinner in my room as my mother called my old teacher. When they arrived, my mother told them what happened. The teacher was a bit distraught, referring back to a bad experience she had. Apparently as a kid, she had pet birds and one of them died. Apparently because the two birds were so close the other one didn’t take long to die off. Part of me wished to call BS, but I kept my mouth shut. Because of this experience(I’m guessing) she never took Sparky back for fear he might die quickly. So, she left him with us never bothering to ask about him ever. Everyone from that hell hole of a school heard the news and blamed me for it thinking it was all my fault. Knucklehead was disgusted by the mass of plebeians, I gave them as little attention as possible. Not to mention they made jokes that Sparky was next to go. Well, IN THEIR FACE!!! Because Sparky lived for several more years after that endeavor. With Sparky being “abandoned”, My mother and I just continued to take care of him as part of the family.  

                             Sparky has always been there during the good and tough times of the family. He was there when we had to move, always chirping and eating. That bird could almost(if not could) eat as much as I can, which is a lot. Geez, I always had to constantly refill his food. Everytime we would go around the table for dinner, he would start to eat his food with us…good times. However, all good things come to an end. During August 2015, I began to notice that Sparky was eating as much as he usually does and his feathers always appeared ruffled and his cage didn’t have as much fecal matter as usual. My mother and I came to the same conclusion that Sparky was getting Old and was probably sick. We lacked the funds to try and send him to the vet. Days went by with no signs of recovery. This brings us back to the start of the story, Me watching Sparky in his final moments. Seeing Sparky struggling as he moved around caused me to tightly clench my fist as I realized how powerless I was. Finally Sparky stared up at me and with one final stretch…..He died. The wind slowly blew by as I slowly blinked at me deceased friend’s body while my fist was still tightened. I looked at the time it was 12:37 pm in the afternoon texted Knucklehead the grim news. When I told my mother, she broke down into tears, I nearly wept myself. We both knew this was coming, but it didn’t make it any easier. The odd thing about this, was as soon as Sparky died, birds from outside began to gather around the window. It was as if they were raising a salute to a fallen comrade. Even as I went into my to sulk the birds still gathered around my window, I didn’t understand why….I just looked towards the sky trying to look for answers. All I could say was “Farewell my Friend, You will be greatly missed.”

                           Well I hope you enjoyed and found it a bit heartwarming at my ode to my endearing friend. I do sincerely apologize for my lack of presence as of late and I cannot promise that it will never happen again. However, to all those who were patient and still choose to follow me. I am deeply grateful to you, as to my reason for this entry.  My reasons for writing this entry was a way to show respect to him and maybe even immortalize his memory in my Monogatari. The most important reason WAS TO PROVE THAT SPARKY DID IN FACT EXIST AND WAS ALIVE!!! I don’t care how people wish to take this statement, the reason behind those words are my own. With this I, as Mr. X, can truly bid farewell to friend and family, Sparky. Have any of you, my lovely viewers, experienced such a great loss? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions as well as my work. To all of you current or future pet owners, please take good care of your pets and fill their memories with lots of love and such. A Big shout out to Knucklehead for drawing the picture, he is partly responsible for why this entry took so long, but I sincerely thank him. Well then, Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s it for me. SEE YOU IN THE NEXT ENTRY.                                  





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