Mass. Confusion!!!

 Hello there, my fellow readers, how are all of you doing? Once again, I’d like to apologize for my vague appearance and my haphazard writing schedule. With the whole moving in and adjusting to college life and such, it is very difficult save time just to write….for fun anyways. So thank you for your constant understanding and support. Now that the pleasantries are over with. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Mr.X here to bring you yet another tale of my adventures. Once again my skills in the art of detection were brought to test with this new challenge. Though is was hardly difficult it was still an interesting encounter and I hope all of you football fans get a kick out of this story. Now, without out further adieu, let the story begin.

                        It’s September 13, 2015, and it was in the middle of a cloudy day. I have just returned from an extensive jogging session. I immediately opened the window to get some air as I was sweating profusely. As I opened the window I couldn’t help but notice quite a lot of cars and tents being set up a few distance away from my dorm. I was curious as to what was going on but was too tired to give it much thought so I sat down for a while to cool off. However, it didn’t take long for my stomach to require sustenance after exerting myself so much from exercising. So after I cooled off, I took a shower, got dressed then proceeded to make my way out in search of food. As I made my way out I noticed that the place was a lot quieter than usual as there was hardly anyone there …I wondered why?

                       After a delicious lunch, I began to return to my dorm. As I was walking back, I found myself passing by the large area with the tents, cars were parked all around the place. I figured it was something important, but at first, glance looked like a regular gathering. Losing interest I turned around about to walk off…until I heard “Ok, we have hamburgers and hot dogs over here!”. I made an instant u-turn with hungry eyes, literally trying to hop into the event of free food. Yes, I was aware I just had lunch, but I love free food, especially when it’s grilled. As I successfully infiltrated the gathering, I could smell the delicious cooked food. However, before I indulged I decided to do some reconnaissance to make sure it was ok for me to take all the food without restraint. Upon doing so, I noticed a few cops guarding the place. Why are there so many cops here? Was my initial thoughts, because of that I withheld on stuffing my face just to make sure I got into unnecessary trouble. My doubts were soon dispelled as people saw me in their group and offered me a plate with free reign on their buffet. My eye lit up at such kindness as I began to eat. They had Pizza, hot dogs, Cheese Burgers, and a whole lot more. They also had a beer, but I didn’t care much for drinking.

                       About half way into eating myself into a coma, I decided to text Major about the event. They had loads of beer and I know Major loves to knock beers back. So I texted him about the event waited for a few seconds, then began to eat again. As I was eating, I found out this whole buffet was to celebrate the first (American)football game of the season. I honestly didn’t care as I was more interested in my plate of hot dogs and cheeseburgers. An hour into the event still no sign or text from Major. I had most of my fill and was very thirsty from all that food. It was a sweet event but just couldn’t find any nonalcoholic beverages. So without any further reason to stay I  decided to head back to my room.“I may not like football, but I sure like how they celebrate.” I said with a dry laugh as I returned.

                         Couple hours later in my room, Major texted me back inquiring to the event I texted him about. I looked at my window to confirm it was still ongoing. Apparently, he was busy working in the Library when I texted him. I gave him all the details of the event, then a few minutes later he showed up. When we meet up I told him all the stuff that went on while I was there as we were walking. However, when we got there everything was packed up. The tents and cars were still there just no more food. A bit dejected, Major and I heard some cries from the football stadium. Major decided to go over to see if we can get some free food from the stadium during the game. As we made our way up it began to rain and the crowd of people just got larger and larger. At the Stadium we managed to get to the upper levels thanks to Major’s influence. We ended up in the commentator’s room watching the game. Major and I had some tie-ins with the station, which is why we were allowed to roam around freely.

                         It’s only been a few minutes into the game and I was bored out of my mind. I was never really a fan of sports, at the very least I rather play than watch. I never understood the hype for these things honestly. “How much longer are we gonna stay here?” I said in a somewhat annoyed tone. “Not that much longer” Said Major for the umpteenth time in a row… I started to sulk a bit, and what made this even longer is Major began to commentate on the game when one of the co-hosts left for some reason. How much longer now? I merely stayed quiet and watched as my thoughts kept circling back and forth. As if this couldn’t get any more annoying, once Major took a break on commenting, we meet a semi-acquaintance of ours. Let’s call him, Dory( you’ll get the name in an instant). “Hey Major how’s it going, who’s your friend, he looks familiar?” said Dory. “…Hello, my name is X” I said, trying to be polite. “Uh, John?” “No, X”. See that’s the running gag with Dory. He’s a nice guy, but has terrible recollection… least when comes to remembering me. Yet he has no problem remembering Major……I tried not to let the irritation show on my face. Major who was fully aware of this was trying to stifle his laugh much to my annoyance. It would seem that Dory was there to cover the whole football game he had a press pass and everything. He offered us passing next time to make it easy for us to get around, not that we needed it or he would even remember.

                     After that forgetful conversation, we began to search for some food, we got some pigs in a blanket in the conference area. Major and I went to the outside of the left of the stadium to find some people and a whole bunch of equipment. All of the equipment was to record the game and such. I was a bit in awe of the amount of tech used to capture the game. Then we meet up with Dory again…..which is always swell. “Oh by the way, what was your name again?” Dory asked innocently. Is my name that hard to remember? As I thought this irritation was starting to set in but I tried to keep a polite smile. “My name is X.” “Oh X xxxx, Ok now that I know it I won’t forget it” Dory said confidently. He must be doing this on purpose I thought to myself. Ironically, he said the same thing to me when we first met way back. So needless to say I had no faith in those words whatsoever. Major was once again laughing at our dialogue. After which I began to lose interest and stare off in a daze while Major and Dory were talking. It wasn’t until I heard something interesting in their conversation that pulled me out of my daze. “Yeah we heard rumor that the Governor of Massachusetts is out here watching the game,” said Dory. All of a sudden my ears perked up and my attention was fully focused on what Dory had to say. Major was also at a bit of a loss of words so we silently pressed Dory for more info. “Yeah we heard the rumor because his son plays for the opposing football team, but it seems no one can find the guy, you’d think someone that important would be easy to find.” Apparently Dory runs the station trying to cover the game and thought it would be a good scope to score an interview but no one can find him. Upon hearing all of this my eyes lit up in excitement.

                          I immediately grabbed Major by the shoulder asking Dory “Would you like us to find him?” Dory looked a bit perplexed at my suggestion, but decided to let us go “Well if you guys are skilled in that sort of thing, then sure, by all means, help us out.” Instantly I got down to business asking Dory some question…though it was fruitless. “Will the Governor be surrounded by Secret service?” “I sure hope so.” “What’s his name?” “uh…I think it was something Parker.” ………. see what I meant by fruitless. After that, I asked for Major to look up the real name and picture of the Governor because I couldn’t trust Dory’s info at all. Turns out the Governor’s name was Charlie Baker. Upon gathering all the necessary info we needed, Major and I began to search diligently. We checked in the concession area(mostly cause I was hungry) and found a lot of “Big Wigs” so to speak, but no Governor. We were a bit lost, so I got to thinking. If the Governor came out to see his son where would he be? After some thought, I told Major for us to check the bleachers.

                             It was raining quite a bit as we went out into the bleachers to search. I was fine since I had on a hood, but Major lacked a jacket, though he seemed to be fine. We went down the bleachers to check through the horde of people. However, because of the rain and crowd of people getting in the way, it was a bit difficult especially checking from the bottom floor. As Major and I were on the move I couldn’t help but notice a lone silhouette in the rain, standing in the bleachers by himself with an umbrella. I stopped in my tracks and walked to the figure, Major began to follow suit. I went up to the person and asked: “Excuse me, Are you Charlie Baker?” “….yes” “As in the Governor of Massachusetts?” “Yes, that would be me” The Governor stated. After which Major and I asked him if he would like to do an interview with the station, he gladly accepted. On our way we to the interview, Major and I introduced ourselves.


                              Allow me to explain my deduction, as it was elementary. Major and I were already on the upper level of the stadium, which only had the commentator room and the concession room with all the food. We found no one matching the picture we had. So I tried to think that if no one can find the Governor that must mean he didn’t want to initially be found. I suspected he may be in the basement, but it wouldn’t make sense since he was there to watch his son play. So the only logical deduction was he was in the bleachers trying to “blend in”. However, if that was the case the finding him could be even harder, but if he was watching his son then he must have something to show he was there. If he was hiding, he couldn’t just waltz into the game, meaning he would need some sort of way to get in without attracting attention. I found him due to that same reason. When I saw the man, two things stood out: 1 he was by himself and 2 he had something around his neck that said Baker on it. I knew he would have to have some sort of guest pass, which happened to be around his neck with his name. Maybe not my best deduction, but hey, it still worked. (; ̄ー ̄)Though there was still one thing I failed to notice, and that was the Governors Secret Service. He only had one guy with him, but he managed to escape my detection till the last second. Guess I need more training with my Sherlock Scan. The moment I saw the tall, bald bodyguard, I got the feeling the I was confronting Butler from the Artemis Fowl series.


                          Major and I brought the Governor to Dory like we said we would. I took a bow, but what irked me. “You found him, Major? oh thanks a lot you really help us out,” said Dory. WTF!? I was nearly in an uproar, absolutely vexed by my exclusion. Thankfully, my friend, Major made sure to let them know that I was the one who found him and it was a team effort. Ah, Good Guy Major. What made it even better was how the Governor couldn’t believe how we managed to find him, calling us real “Head Hunters” and commending us in our skills. During the interview, Major and I were just getting food. After it was over the Governor once again praised Major and me for finding him telling the story of our encounter. After which I told Major, “This is so going on my blog.” Soon Major and I decided to take our leave since after all that food they had absolutely no drinks to spare. So we soon left for a cafe shop. However, as we left, we both forgot one important thing in this adventure…. “WE FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE!!!!” I yelled. We were both in dejection at our crucial failure to take the opportunity.

                         After the cafe with our smoothies in hand, we were both still lamenting on the lack of proof for this adventure…. “We can prove he was there, but we can’t prove that we actually meet the Governor of Massachusetts,” I said in depression. “Well if we give enough detail people have to realize there’s no way we could make this up, right?” said Major, trying to be as optimistic at the situation. However, what was more important to me was what name should we give this adventure. “Why don’t you call it the ‘Mass. Confusion’ the Mass. for Massachusetts?” said Major. I thought it was pretty clever, hence the name of the entry courtesy of Major. “I actually like the sound of that,” I said, agreeing with Major’s suggestion. As we kept walking back to my place a group of people called out to us getting our attention. When we asked what they wanted: “Hey do you guys think that’s a UFO? Because they think it’s a drone?” said the stranger. “What?!” said Major and I as we looked surprised and looked at the sky to find some mysterious object flying around. According to the stranger, it has been circling around and he was arguing with two other girls who thought it was a drone. Neither Major nor I could make heads or tail what it was. It couldn’t be a plane because it didn’t make a sound and it couldn’t be a satellite as it would be too close to the earth’s atmosphere. Since neither of us could identify the flying object, we had no choice but to call it a UFO….. “Are you gonna put this on your blog?” Major asked jokingly. “I just might have to honestly…” “Well, be sure to finish off with this part then” Said Major as we both walked off.

                             Well, it should go without saying that today’s entry may be very hard to believe, but as I give you my word this entry was very true. It’s like they say the maxim we live by in creative nonfiction : “You can’t make this stuff up!” – Lee Gutkind. Hopefully, you all enjoyed the kick off for the start of the Football season. I personally am not really excited, but it can bring some interesting encounter at the very least. Have any of you, my lovely readers, had to track down or meet a famous person. I would be delighted to know, though I hoped you got to take a picture with them sigh~ Well, ask for me, Ladies and Gentlemen, I, Mr.X, must once again disappear into the shadows of this rainy fog, but don’t fret I shall return. Please feel free to like and share my work if deemed worthy enough and I will SEE YOU IN THE NEXT ENTRY.

EDIT: Thank you, Knucklehead, once again for the awesome picture of this entry.         


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