Twas the night before Christmas…

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. Except for one sulky scrooge on this Christmas eve. Who was this bitter soul, you may ask? Well it was none other than our enigmatic and acerbic persona, Mr.X. This year seems to be the same as any other except for the extreme lack of snow. You’d think that bother most as plenty would prefer to have a white Christmas, but not Mr.X. No, Mr.X seems to be quite pleased at the lack of snow this year, as in that is the only thing he is pleased about since he doesn’t need to break his back shoveling…… Once again Mr.X is suffering from his greatest enemy, Boredom. Yes, while everyone is enjoying the holidays with their family in full merriment and cheerful joy with love and care. Mr.X alone sulks as he finds those examples of Yuletide caring and apparent peace to be quite…dreadful. To make matters worse, he is without a cup of eggnog this year, making him unable to drown himself in a sweet sugary solace. Do not misunderstand, Mr.X doesn’t hate the holidays, anymore that is. In his earlier years he would full blown despise it all, from the Christmas music to the absurd traffic and the ridiculously busy stores among other personal issues. However, now he is completely indifferent toward the holiday season, though he now founds the holidays to be a gigantic bore. No bad guys to banish, no villains to vanquish, no dragons to slay, no mystery to solve.

               Thus leaving Mr.X in an extreme state of stagnation and boredom. Many seem to wonder what goes on in his mind as he blankly stares at the window. Was he reminiscing about something? Was he looking for something? Or was he waiting for something? No one except him really knows the answer. Regardless he still stares forward, perhaps with a sense of determination for the coming year? Then again, that may be too far ahead to think about…..How I know all of this? Well it’s simple, I am you enigmatic and acerbic narrator of course. Yes, I, Mr.X, have returned to greet all of you lovely viewers on this wondrous Christmas eve/day at whatever time you are reading this. I deeply apologize for my lack of presence as I have been heavily preoccupied with many things and suffering from a stress related illness. Though during my absence, I have met a few new people and such, so that’s a thing. Well once again we are back at the holiday season where we come together with family and friends, though I never really cared for such things. However, if you find these holiday festivities enjoyable then I hope you do well to enjoy yourself. Currently being back home for the holidays has made me a bit dissonant. However, my personal feelings or lack thereof for the holiday season is not very important. I have come to you today because I want to greet you all. Last year I went on a very long hiatus skipping a few major holidays and incidents. Even now I still haven’t got around to a few stories that happened. However, at this point they hold little to no meaning to me, so I may never write about them, in full length anyway. Though does anyone even care at this point?

             Honestly, as much as I wish could tell you an epic tale or theory I have nothing. So I will not take up anymore of you precious time. So in closing, I sincerely wish all of you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HANUKKAH, AND A HAPPY KWANZAA!!!!!! Thanks to all those who have followed me for so long and I really wish all of you enjoy the Holiday season with much splendor. Hopefully I will be able to get case or an adventure for my gift this year. In any case, I will continue to gaze up at the sky still looking for the things I have yet to reach. Hope you all are looking forward to the new year. So once again HAPPY HOLIDAYS, and with that SEE YOU IN THE NEXT ENTRY.      



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