Farewell 2015…it’s been fun. Bring on 2016!!.

So 2016 is finally upon us and so is the New Year. So everyone is in a full celebratory mood and by celebratory, I mean getting completely and utterly wasted at crazy parties and such. As for me, however, I am merely basking in my apparent solitude reminiscing of the past ordeals I have faced during the year of 2015. Personally, I didn’t think I’d have much to recollect. 2015 did prove to be somewhat eventful with it’s mix of a few surprises and such. Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is X, Mr.X, and while this may not be another epic tale of my exploits or an interesting theory. It is my humble wish/request that you enjoy the recalling of the events of 2015, of stories told and maybe some untold. Now let us begin….


               Honestly, when I go back and think why I created this blog, I suppose it would be for some type of escape. I am an avid reader of Light Novels, Novels, Manga, articles, anything that manages to catch my eye really. So in May 2014, I was reading a few light novels and as you might guess, they were the Monogatari series by NisiOisiN  one of my favorites(hence the name of the blog). The thing I liked most about the series is always the dialogue among the characters along with the supernatural elements to it. However, the main thing I always fell in love with in the Light Novel realm in general is the writing style, so much so I tend to write in such a way for my amusement. During this time I was also extremely bored and a bit dismal, so I thought why not create a blog? One of my ideas at the time is that if I record a few things that go on around me, perhaps my life will become a bit more interesting. It was a bit of a foolish thought I know, but I had to try something. Thus the terrible entry of Boring Life came to be. I hated that entry even now it is still one of my least favorite of all the things I have written. Though I still keep it here as a reminder of how this all got started.


             The Prattles of a Loser about love was merely written as a way for me to vent about the misplaced focus of my generation and future ones coming up. All over social media you see so many people complaining about their love lives and they have barely reached the age of 18. I found it annoying, so my prattles became a way to “write back” some sense into people. Honestly, I’d say that was my first real blog work that I actually liked, because it came from a place where can unleash a creative free flow of my own thoughts. Then came my extremely long hiatus… Many issues had arisen during that time with college and other things that writing my blog was put on hold. However, the main reason for the long Hiatus was…..nothing interesting happened. Sure a few incidents here and there, but it was honestly nothing worth blogging about in my opinion. I lost a close friend(who came back) and had to deal with some huge misunderstanding among a group of people. Basically, I was beyond done with people during this trifling time.    

                     During the long hiatus, I was heavily reading trying to catch up with a lot leisurely reading. They were mostly novels and articles online, which ranged from mystery, romance, drama, and adventure. While reading proved to be an excellent pastime, I still couldn’t shake my sense of extreme apathy. Which each book I read I started to feel more and more empty, I needed to be revived to bring back some sort of stimulus within my meager existence. With this continuous frustration always gnawing at me, my Resurrection became imminent. I was extremely tired of this feeling of inadequacy in my life. So, when I began writing, the main things I wanted to convey was: 1. I’m tired of dealing with boredom. 2. I have returned to continue my fight against it. I’m not sure whether I have been doing a good job in that endeavor, but I have been trying the best I can.


                   Whenever reading books in general, one of my favorite elements in reading is the dialogue amongst the characters. Which might explain why the Monogatari series is one of my favorite Light Novel series, because the long conversations between the characters always exposes the wit and personality of the characters and how well they play off of each other. I attempted to showcase this in one of my Sleepless Nights with my friend Knucklehead. In much of my work I occasionally give Knucklehead a brief mention, because whenever something new or crazy event that happens, he is usually among the first to know of my mishaps. It’s always been that after I post my entries, I always ask him for his opinions on the pieces if have written. So when we had that conversation I had asked him if I can put that on my blog because at the time I really had nothing to write so I thought why not? At the time I never got around to recording the conversation back in 2014, which was a missed opportunity. Fast forward to 2015, after I declared my resurrection, I immediately knew what I would write about next. So the next day I showed Knucklehead the new entry and he didn’t suspect a thing while reading it. As soon as he realized what the story was about he responded with an immediate grunt of a embarrassment(LOL). Knucklehead was really hoping that I had forgotten the matter, but he was a bit unfortunate.

                         Knucklehead and I’s conversations can always range from many subject, from random to radical to full blown insanity. The time I got Hacked is just one example of how we can go from 0-60 in our conversation. Seriously how do you go from watching the super bowl to all of a sudden you are being bothered spam filled sex favors trying to corrupt your computer? This isn’t just exclusive to Knucklehead, all my friends have random dialogue which could pose as stand alone entries themselves. However, I a good number of those conversations I can’t exactly expose for personal reason(mainly the lack of permission to do so). That and I didn’t want my blog to be solely about my conversations with people. I mainly showcase a few of them as a way to show some relatableness to my viewers, that I am a person that deals with everyday things from time to time. So when I am not on an adventure of sorts I am dealing with the usual perplexities of life…….unfortunately.


                       Speaking of adventures, my next entry is what gave me the right kind of segway I needed. I was in another need of a story, but nothing had happened recently, so with Valentine’s day just recently passing, I decided to revisit a past venture of mine. I believe that story is what really showcased the main posts I wanted to make. One of my fictional Idols is Sherlock Holmes and I have read plenty of his stories and watched a lot of adaptations. I always loved how Sherlock’s adventures was always recorded either on paper or on a blog. When I was younger, I would always tell people that one day they will all read tales of my exploits. Usually my declaration was usually met with extreme laughter or a total disregard for my existence. I understand that such a declaration is usually scuffed at, but I didn’t care at all. I always wanted something out of the ordinary to happen in my life. From dreams of being a superhero and to also wanting to become a pirate. Thought the pirate dream I had was heavily linked towards to one of my favorite mangas One Piece. Many people, especially my mother, have always regarded my antics as crazy, dangerous, foolish, audacious and so a lot more, but that is just the kind of tend to be. Many of my friends have regarded me as either an adrenaline junky or a thrill seeker both titles I use to wear proudly. However, now I prefer the term Adventurer as it seems to be a bit more of a respectable title.


                     My constant need for an escape from the norm has made me a bit of an opportunist. Not just during the valentine’s case, but in several instances like the Zombie Outbreak or my job in locating the Governor. Fun fact, after the governor incident, Dory has never once forgotten my name along with the title of “The Man That Found The Governor”. So finally got a bit of respect in that endeavor. Within these stories you may notice that my friend, Major, is usually around during these kinds of exploits. The reason for this is quite simple, when we first met we both shared a love of adventures and intrigue. We began swapping stories of our exploits, and his track record was very impressive. What we really made us click was our love for the show Burn Notice, so after realizing how our interest coincided with each other, we made the mutual decision that we should, no, MUST work on some operations together. This obviously led to a good friendship, we joke and call myself the Sherlock and Major the Waston. So in my future adventures there is a good chance that Major will be taking part in them or a brief cameo if nothing else.


                    The two entries I did about a dubious curse and knowledge were mainly just ideas bumping around in my head. During those 2 months, I hit another dry spell with a complete lack of a story to tell. I’ve always had a swell of philosophies and ideas always running rampant in my mind, so I thought why not share them to see if anyone else share these similar thoughts. However, I didn’t think they would get such a decent reception. I have usually been prone to having a bit of radical and maybe revolutionary ideas, but they are usually met with a lot of disapproving criticisms. It made me believe that the world was not ready for my opinion, and I honestly still think that to some degree. Except this time I have an outlet to showcase all of my inquires and thoughts on certain matters and by all means feel free to disagree because a few of my ideas can be quite dark at times. Such as the world we all live in.

                   My pet bird, Sparky, dying was a bit of a depressing story, I suppose. My reasons for writing that are pretty straight forward as I just wanted to have a memoir of how Sparky lived and such. It really sucked having to watch your pet die and being able to do nothing for it, but I guess “All losses in this world are due to a lack of ability” -Kaneki Ken. As for the lack of an entry in October, well I did have a few ideas, but I was so swapped with another slightly more important thing that I never got a chance to seriously write. I was planning on doing some fictional story, but hey not everything goes as planned. Not to mention that Halloween was a bit dull except not really.. What ended up happening was my two friends and I went their hometown, so I ended up meeting a family, eating breakfast lunch and dinner. We also went trick or treating where we collecting a huge ton of candy. We ended up getting lost several times because of how greedy we became for more sweets. Once that was finished we ended up going to a Halloween party. After a few games of Beer pong we ended up leaving because it got extremely boring. Not to mention the number of drunks(especially girls) was increasing at an extremely large rate. So the three of us basically left before that got out of hand and ended the night counting our candy. So the night wasn’t too eventful, I guess if people ask I might make a full entry on it….don’t bet on it though.


                     Ok, November’s entry has a bit of a story to it. Fun fact, I don’t care for poetry, big surprise right? Yeah, I never cared for it even when I was a child, the literary art would occasionally cause me to groan with growing disinterest. Whenever I was forced to write a poem for an assignment I would usually gain comments praising my work, but I never cared. It wasn’t until High School that poetry and I got a bit too acquainted. At the time I had a bit of a growing interest in a female, so through trials and tribulations I thought the best way to get the girls attention was to write a Shakespearean Sonnet. So after days of writing, I finally had something I was happy with. Long story short, the girl was very happy and impressed by the poem I wrote her. Perhaps she was a little too impressed by it as she proceeded to tell everyone what I did and it led to many to be surprised by my actions. Even my friends found a hard time believing it…until I told them. Because of this ordeal many would always come to me with poetry advice and as if I couldn’t get enough this, some would even ask me to write poems for them to use. It was absolutely annoying, if I didn’t care for poetry before I practically hated it then. Almost to the point that I didn’t ever want a poem ever again. Did I mention that through all that annoyance I still didn’t get the girl? Sheesh, that entire arc is in needs of it’s own entry to properly explain the utter nonsense that went on. However, it was because of that incident that gave me a newfound appreciation for poetry. I still don’t care for poetry, but when you think that a whole series of events manage to stir a mass amount of people causing a ripple effect of other events to happen all because of a piece of paper, it makes you wonder… “Maybe I can make use of this” Thus I decided to write a poem again explain where Life will take me.


                           Well then folks, this officially marks the end of 2015 and begin the year of 2016. Will all these fireworks and festivities going on, it makes me wonder if a raging fire is going to break out again. 2015 certainly has been a bit of a year, both on and off the blog. I just want to thank all of you, my lovely viewers for taking the time to read my material. You all have my sincere thanks for following me on this journey. 2015 was supposed to be a year of new beginnings, so 2016 shall be a year of continuing success all with new opportunities. Once again, I shall extend my declaration of war to 2016, will my era of awesomeness continue? I hope you all join me to find out. I will try my best to bring you more interesting post of my many adventures. I will not stop in my fight against boredom, I will continue to bring my acerbic witticisms, observation, opinions, criticisms, and above all the FACTS on the in inquires of life. As always Ladies and Gentlemen, I am your author, your narrator, the main character, critic, and most importantly Awesome. My name is X, Mr. X, and as we say goodbye to last year and bravely face the new one. I sincerely wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! I looked to see you all again at another time, but for now, I must prepare for the coming trial. SEE YOU IN THE NEXT ENTRY.





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