A Grave Misunderstanding

2February 5th, 2016 2:55 am. I am staring at a ceiling in complete confusion and distraught….. How does something so simple, so easy go so horribly wrong only to be terribly misunderstood? I never quite understood how things can spiral so out of control from simple things. It is always the simplest of things that can cause difficult issues. Ironically, it is also the simplest of solutions that can cure the most complex of problems. I should know since I stake my hobbies on this. However, recently I have been left is a sense of dissonance as I had to wrap my head around a certain problem. Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is X, Mr.X, and once again, my lovely readers, I have another tale to share of my many exploits…..Is what I would say, but these will be another one of those stories, but I do promise to make it as interesting as possible. Though I must warn you, this story is incredibly stupid.

It seems in the beginning of my narration I got a bit ahead of myself so I will rewind at the beginning to the morning of February 4th at 11 am. I got up haggard staring at my clock when I came to an important realization. “I missed class”, I said as I curled back into bed without much care. Since that was my only class of the day I wasn’t too concerned so I just decided to sleep for a little while longer. Eventually, around 1 pm I decide to wake up on account of my stomach growling. To be honest, I was not in the best of moods, having missed class and dealing with my inexplicable boredom. My agitation towards the mundane was starting to show. Soon I ended getting a text from my friend asking me to borrow my book for a certain class. The name of my dear friend is….Usagi. To give a brief overview, I met Usagi at a Super Smash Bros. tournament back in November, coincidently we also had a class together, so ever since then we would occasionally eat together, hang out and converse…oh, by the way, did I mention she is a girl? So after requesting my book I eventually went out to eat. I tried to invite her to come along, but she already ate, so I just decided to go out and dine with myself. Honestly, eating by myself kind of bored me and I was already a tad bit bored to begin with. When I was done, I texted Usagi that I was stopping by her place to drop off the book she wanted. When I got there I was expecting it to be a quick drop off……but you know how the song goes “Waiting on a woman” sigh~.

After about 10-15 minutes of sitting on the bench waiting in the frigid cold, her royal highness finally decides to step out to greet the delivery boy. When I gave her the book she thanked me and as I was about to walk away, “When do you need the book back?” said Usagi. I didn’t need the book anytime soon, so I tried to dismiss the matter, stating “I don’t really need it this week, so just give it back next week” “I’ll take pictures of the pages and give it back tomorrow.” said Usagi in a cheery voice. Honestly, I cannot remember how it happened, but I somehow found myself in the corridor of the apartment complex continuing with our conversation. While I was grateful for not freezing outside I was wondering what was the point of this? Fun fact: ever since we first met, I noticed we have gotten pretty close for the short amount of time, at least that is my opinion. Mind you, I am not insinuating a thing. As a matter of fact, a few of my friends have joked in the past about us dating because of how often we hang out. When the question was brought to her attention, “I have no interest in him” Usagi states with a deadpan face. Apparently, she sees me as nothing but a friend. I had anticipated this, therefore I did not care one way or the other as me and romance don’t exactly get along. As the conversation kept going on, I was noticing Usagi a bit more than usual, which started to annoy me as this isn’t the first instance this happened. So as mean of distracting myself, I started to stare at the sign behind her. I tried to read the sign so I walked closer to the sign, however, my idiocy failed to realize that in doing so it appeared as I was trying to get close to her, who was in front of the sign. She seemed to have gotten scared and dashed off in the other direction. I began to scratch the back of my head thinking What’s her problem? Realizing she wasn’t coming back, I casually left as I noticed that I was continually feeling dreadful. I soon decided to sit on an outside bench in the cold staring at the cloudy sky in thought.

After a while on the bench, my phone began to go off constantly, I checked my messages only to find Usagi going nuts in a group chat…… “X tried to attack me” I read this and suddenly my nerves were set on edge. It soon realized what she meant and the rest of the group chat had a field day making assumptions. The people in the group were already speculating the nature of our relations to one another due to several occurrences….none of which I will get into today. Since I was already suffering from some sort of fatigue I merely messaged back responding “Not in the mood to care”. Realizing I was in a bad mood, she decides to give me a sure fire cure to pick up my spirits, “You should go have sex” as it was boldly declared. My headache started to erupt from the annoyance that I responded with, “Unless you are offering, which you are not, shut up!”. Eventually, she responds with “Oh, I’ll tell your friend Junior you are looking for a girlfriend”.  That was the part where I started to get upset, “I’m not looking for that, I’m looking for a new case an adventure”. I wasn’t mad at her personally, but there are times when my boredom may get the better of me….or so I use to think. As I was sitting on the bench in the frigid cold, I couldn’t help but look at the clouds wondering to myself, Why am I really this tense?      

After a while of cooling my head, I decided to head to my room to take a bit of a nap considering my lack of sleep from the previous days. After 30 minutes of my nap, I received a text from Major stating he was in the area and wanted to grab a bite to eat. Great first I had to deal with a pesky rabbit, now I have to deal with the Soldier. Was my initial thought, but after a while, I decided to join Major as a way to change my mood for the better, Who knows? Something interesting might happen. With that cheerful though I quickly got my jacket and head out towards the harsh elements. After meeting up with Major we stuffed our faces as we explained how our days went so far. Both of us have been suffering from terrible sleeping habits and such, after a while of conversation Major decided to leave. I soon followed as I was too bored to stick around in the current vicinity. So we both entered his car and drove off. However, as we were driving off, Usagi texted me stating she was done taking pictures of my textbook and asked if I wanted it back. I merely responded with “I’m not currently in my room, so hold onto it for me”, and that was that.

I am going to fast forward a bit because while I was hanging with Major, I did manage to take my mind off of things nothing of any real substance happened so that’s gone. As I returned to my lodgings I began texting Usagi as to the knowledge of my book. “I’m back, can I pick up my book now?” “I’m currently using your book at the moment”, Usagi quickly messaged. Didn’t you text me a few hours ago that you were done? Despite the confusion in my thoughts I merely responded with a “Take your time no rush” to which she responds with “I’ll be sure to rush quickly”…..The heck is up with her? Soon I was sitting in my room watching videos and looking over a few things, I received another text stating “Finished now I’ll dash to where you are….in 2 hours.”….I was at a loss for words and just said ok…it was about 9pm at the time…. As you can probably tell by now I had, in fact, received yet another text I gave an exhausted sigh as I began to read the contents. To summarize our conversation, she wanted to go to a cafe to read and catch up on homework so she invited me along, I accepted and we met up outside my place so we can walk there together. However, before I left I did make a solemn prayer to be given strength to deal with this change of setting as I had an extreme sense of foreboding…and boy was I right.

So while walking to the cafe we discussed how our entire day went etc. When we finally got to the cafe she was in dire need of a strawberry milkshake…which happens to be her favorite. As she placed her order and waited, I happen to notice she was talking to a guy and greeted him with a hug and such. This left me quite puzzled and confused, as Usagi has gone on record stating she doesn’t like hugs or being touched. It got to a point she has threatened me several times if I so much as look like I was going to hug her, and I promise you I never had any intentions of laying so much as a finger on her. Fun fact: when we first met, she initially thought I was trying to have a more…….. intimate and hands-on relationship with her…(I didn’t)SIGH~. Having noticed this I immediately called her out on this, for which I received the lamest excuses. “I only hugged him because we had class together.” “So did we….” I said exasperatedly. She tried to follow up with a “Yeah but we talked in class” “So did we…” I said with an exasperated sigh. “Yes but that was in a communication class where I had to get to know everybody,” she said as if she was forced to where I responded with “That still doesn’t explain as to why you hugged him”. Realizing I had a point and wasn’t going to let up, she relented and told me “It was merely giving a greeting that’s all” Is this girl serious? My thoughts began to swirl a bit as I heard this nonsense. “What a load of crap, you are willing to greet a classmate with a hug, but when it comes to your own friends, especially me, we get shafted? What kind of nonsense are you spouting?” I may have been a little ticked off, but one could not entirely blame me here.  With her order fulfilled, we decided to take this conversation elsewhere..cause lord knows I wasn’t done yet…


Finally alone with this pesky Rabbit, she looked to be so elated while drinking her milkshake…I, on the other hand, begin to eat a salad looking very pensive at her. Continuing from where we left off, she basically states that to her, she hugs strangers or new people as a form of a greeting to her like it’s normal. However, she never feels comfortable hugging her friends it always felt awkward to her. I didn’t quite understand cause usually, it’s the opposite…so I kept inquiring as to why?  Only to be chided with “X, do you really want a hug from me that badly?”, I immediately rebuked with a “That’s not the point!”. To be honest, I’m not a fan of people hugging me either, but at the same time, I’d sooner hug my friends than random strangers especially as a greeting. So the reason I kept pursuing the line of questioning was that her mindset seemed so foreign to me. So to all those shippers, No I was not jealous. During our conversation, I attempted to scold her that hugging strangers like that is not a proper greeting and people may misunderstand your intentions. However, it all went on deaf ears…  

Before I continue I’d like to point some of the new readers to a previous entry, of my prattles, to properly explain as to what happened next. During that conversation, I quickly noticed I was losing ground as I was being bombarded by questions by Usagi. I tried to misplace her attention by reminding her that she has a book to read for class,…which also fell on deaf ears… Some of the questions involved why I asked females certain question pertaining to their three sizes, including her. …Perplexed by this sudden line of questioning I could only answer “It’s for science” hoping that would be enough to console her…it wasn’t. “So what have you learned in your research?”, said Usagi. I didn’t know if she was feigning interest or if she really was, my confusion lead my thoughts to be in a bit of a daze. In addition to the curious stare of hers, which only made things more difficult to explain, let alone look directly at her. “Have you ever seen a pair of tits?” I didn’t answer “Have you grabbed tits?” My silence remained as I tried to drink my water. A whole lot of questions were being said so I knew the only way to counter “What’s your bra size?” I asked, hoping to make her embarrassed… She wasn’t… She merely stated “I don’t know my size since I always have to go to a professional fitter for them anyway”. As a consolation prize she told me her sizes which I won’t say here but they were insightful. Apparently, Usagi is very open with these kinds of things which is why she usually give me an answer to my many question….like showing the color of her underwear and talking me underwear shopping….(True story). “You can ask me anything since I have…” I quickly stopped paying attention as an evil grin appeared on my face. Anything, huh? well… I quickly punched myself in the face, as a way to rid myself of such desires. “What’s wrong with you, are you ok?” Usagi asked concerned. My inner evil won out as I said quite calmly without remorse “Mind if I touch your boobs?”. She looked at me silently and there was a brief moment of silence. Crap, did I go too far? As I was about to retract my statement as a joke until, “But that would be weird if you did, and you might even get aroused and the whole thing would be awkward. Plus my guy friends might try to beat you up since they’re so protective.” Usagi said in a joking manner. Is that really her only reason? Wait guy friends? Well that line of question was a failure….    

The line of questioning turned serious as she began to ask me more personal questions. She noted that she always finds herself telling me personal stories about herself willingly while I merely listen to her giving occasional advice. However, she eventually noticed that I do not do the same and she was curious as to why? Because of that in current friendship I know a lot of things about her then she knows about me. The reason being is I am not a naturally open person, I tend to be very distant from people in general. I tried to explain that it wasn’t out of ill intention that is just how was brought up. When asked why I was brought up in such a way…….I was unable to answer. She began asking more and more question, preferably ones pertaining to my family and friends. I only answered the bare minimum as there were things she did not need to know about me specifically. Eventually, I became visibly upset at the line of questioning, she soon noticed this and decided to hold off. “Why are you asking me so many questions? Usagi seemed to have a bit of a forlorn look on her face, “It’s because I’m trying to be closer friends…whenever I keep asking questions, it’s me trying to be a good friend.” Usagi said a bit dejectedly. Seeing this I relented and said “You know I….” “Oh well I guess it doesn’t matter now” Usagi said with a cheery smile and a fit of laughter…. I was a fool for expecting a tender moment from her of all people… After coming to that realization I quickly stopped caring and went back to my usual disposition

True to the natural order of things, I began to ask Usagi questions pertaining to her guy friends since I hear very little about them. Which began her story of many of her guy friends trying to go out and start a relationship with her. Upon hearing some of these stories I couldn’t help but feel a bit of a cold sweat break out of the back of my neck. She has gone on a few dates and even met someone online, but stated that she never feels any romantic feeling towards them. Note to self: DO NOT like this girl any more than you may already do. I had to hold onto that thought, there was absolutely no discussing it as I was talking to a real heartbreaker…(though I’m not much different). However, despite my thought cautiously warning me of getting too close, my curiosity was peaked as she was about to tell me an interesting story involving another guy. She stopped midway as she didn’t wish to say anymore, but I was relentless and needed some answers. “You can’t stop and good story midway and expect me not to follow up!!” I exclaimed wanting more answers. Eventually we were visited by a worker in the building telling us they were closing and we needed to leave. I looked at my watch and noticed it was 12 am, Usagi and I spent the entire time talking and got no homework done. So after we were kicked out, I was walking Usagi back to her apartment. Along the way I still wanted answers as to what exactly happened in her story. I soon realized that the more I brought it up, the more agitated she looked, so I quickly backed off telling her “It’s fine you don’t have to tell me anything, sorry if I annoyed you.”. As we went we engaged in more of our usual banter. I said my farewells to Usagi as she went into her place and I trudged on as went to mine. I finally entered into my room but was still curious about our conversations there was so many questions I wanted to know….but alas I decided to let them go and focused on how I should have spent the night……that was supposed to be how the story ended….

A few minutes after I manage to settle down in my room, I get a text from Usagi asking “Is there anything else you want to say?” I was lost in thought as I began to wonder how to answer that question. Eventually, I settled on, “At the very least, I hope we can become closer friends.” I sincerely meant that as usually don’t have any female friends so I figured I might as well try to hold onto one I’m somewhat fond of…Why does that sound so wrong? “Ok, I’m not gonna act any different towards you then how I act now and don’t be surprised if you see me hugging other people” Usagi responded with. I let out an exhausted sigh upon seeing this, but strangely, I found it amusing “Good” I responded with solemnly….again that should’ve been the end… I’m not sure how this happened, but she challenged me to calculate her bra size based on the measurements she gave me. Why in the hell? Again my thoughts were in a mess, but I managed to calculate the size….I will not say what it was but it did have awestruck at my conclusion. Turns out her reason for testing me was to see my knowledge of bras and female undergarments… What is with this girl?! I was at a loss for what was transpiring. I noted on how I was surprised which began a particular line of questioning…. “Why so shocked?” Usagi asked curiously. I was at a loss as to how I should respond so I merely texted “No reason, you just have a lovely figure”. “Thanks, those who have seen my body say the same thing.”  I was immediately taken aback by her response. I wanted to know more, but I hardened my resolve into not asking. Little did I know that a hook was being cast, and I was the fish…?

“I’m not a virgin” stated Usagi. I was reluctant to believe anything she said at this point as I felt I was being baited. I asked if she was telling the truth or just trying to mess with me. She reaffirmed her previous statement as the truth. “Does it matter?” Usagi asked, to which I instantly replied with, “Hell no, you are still my friend regardless, don’t think so little of me”. While I meant every word I said, my thoughts couldn’t help but run a little wild. So much so I decide to run around the place to distract myself from such thoughts. For some stupid reason, I stated this to her, as you would expect she wanted to know exactly what I was thinking. Of course, I didn’t respond and was going to continue my silence, until, “What do you think of me?” Usagi texted. I had no idea how to answer this question, so I tried to put it in the simplest way a person like me can say, “As a cute girl I enjoy hanging out with that happens to be my friend, so like a rare collector’s item”. Unfortunately, the explanation only brought more questions on her end. Before those, my curiosity was peaked as something didn’t quite make sense. I asked whether she enjoyed sex or if it was consensual. These line of questions were random on my end, but allow me to explain my reasoning, whenever I am around Usagi, she is always bubbly and playful but she never has once shown interest in guys. I am not just referring to myself, I mean to any guy that happens to approach her and has stated she has no interest in relationships. Another point is when we first meet I was with my friend and asked for her number, she mistakenly thought we were after her sexually and was instantly on guard. So taking all that into account the words she was telling me, no….the very atmosphere that was set up betrayed her very character I was accustomed to. So either her sexual experience wasn’t a favorable one or…it was a trap.

When I explained my deductions to Usagi, she responded with, “Ahh good point, I am a virgin. Period.”. The moment I read those words on my phone I instantly fell to the ground, staring up at the basement ceiling. I WAS A FOOL FOR EXPECTING SUCH GENUINE HONESTY!!!! I quickly began to berate myself with my thoughts, What was the point? What does she gain!? The hell is going on!? I quickly relented, as I was about to say goodnight until, “However…” Usagi texted briefly. That should have been where this story ended, but my own curiosity betrayed me as I took the bait, “However what?” I responded with. As if ignoring my questions, she began to ask what I was imagining when I thought her lie was real… “YOU WILL HAVE TO KILL ME FIRST!!!” was my response. “You are enjoying this aren’t you?” “No, I’m just good at getting what I want. Think of it as a win-win situation.” “How do I win? Please enlighten me.” “You go first and share your lovely thoughts” “I’d rather drink bleach.” We went back and forth for quite a while. Eventually, my thoughts were thrown into utter chaos to the point I shouted, “YOU KNOW WHAT @#$%! IT” I eventually gave up and told her some (not all) of my fantasies. I’m not putting a single thing I said on here, but I will tell you that one of them involved a tortoise knot (don’t judge me) the rest were too explicit.

After that dreadful explanation, Usagi accused me of having a very basic imagination. I began to grit my teeth at the sheer frustration. Feeling utterly exhausted by this sudden turn of events, I felt like banging my head against the wall. I asked Usagi what was the point of all this, she merely responded with a “because I asked”. Having no more energy to deal with her anymore, I thoughtlessly said “A noose looks pretty good right about now” I said this in jest… (big mistake). Usagi threatened to call the cops I merely responded “I’ll be sure to implicate you then” again I was joking. So she tells me that she told my friend Junior. Brief overview: Junior and I both met Usagi on that fateful day, and we were both accused of “trying to get in her pants”. Eventually, Junior had joked around that Usagi and I were dating and felt the need to tell her of some of my exploits. They eventually exchanged numbers which lead to my impending hell. Wait, did she tell Junior about our conversation!? NOOOOO!!! My thoughts were in a fit rage induced panic, it’s one thing if Usagi knows, but if Junior figures out? HE WILL NEVER LET ME LIVE IT DOWN!!! Before I could even get a chance to question Usagi, I get a call from Junior. “Here we go, my hell is about to be unleashed.” I had no idea how true those words were as I answered the phone.

“Hello?” I answered cautiously. “Yo, X are you ok? Where are you?” Junior asked timidly. I told him I was fine, but because of recent events, I sure as hell didn’t sound it. When I asked him why he chose to call me his response, “X, I called because you’re my bro and I care about you” “Huh?” I was confused and his response, but I interpreted as a lie that both Junior and Usagi were messing with me. The very thought of that got me ticked off, “Now lie to me again, Why did you really call me?” I asked sounding annoyed. He repeated his previous statement, and to my annoyance, I responded with “BS!” I was in a very tense mood to the point I was about to off at a moment’s notice. Junior, noticing the agitation in my voice, he quickly asked, “Where are you right now are you in your room?” “No, I am not, I am busy contemplating life right now” I know how that sounds but that was not how I intended it. “Hell after tonight I might actually drink bleach when this is over” Now that sounded bad but it was in jest. Suddenly, Junior gets frantic demanding to know where I was. “You want to see me? FINE!” I declared.

When I meet up with Junior outside my room door… he ran up to me asking what was wrong and if everything is ok. I’m still agitated and I told him I’m fine. We eventually sat down and tried to have a civil discussion. I was still reeling from previous ordeals, so I calmly asked Junior, “Why did you call me?” only to get the same statement he began with. Tired of this apparent charade I told him I knew that Usagi had informed him of our conversation. Junior said, “If you knew then why did you keep asking I’m really worried here.” Wait a minute..? Something didn’t make any sense, Junior looked to be on the verge of tears, I instantly realized, He really thinks I was going to kill myself!!! “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, what exactly did Usagi tell you?” I asked cautiously. “She told me you were building a noose and that I should come and stop you,” Junior responded. WTF!!!!???? Immediately I tried to tell him that I was joking, he was about to yell at me saying that I shouldn’t make jokes like that. However, I quickly explained to him that it wasn’t my fault, so explained to him the whole misunderstanding. As I was explaining the story, I noticed a few RAs saw us and wanted to speak to me for a second, they looked like they had tears in their eyes being very concerned. What is up with them? I immediately exchanged a glance with Junior, “did you bring them?” I asked. Junior merely shook his head gravely as he tried to shoo them away as Junior and I were having a moment. During my explanation, I showed Junior the texts to prove my story even the explicit ones…. At this point, I no longer cared as I was already in a bad situation….and it was about to get worse. The RD came by and wanted to speak to me as well, I darted my gaze at Junior, but again said he has no idea what was going on. What the hell is happening here?! Why am I such a hot topic tonight?! My thoughts were spiraling, but I managed to finish my explanation to Junior. Instantly, Junior got pissed off, not at me, but at Usagi for sending us on a wild goose chase. Before we could even attempt to put this behind us, a cop soon visited us….. WHAT THE HELL, DID SHE DO!!??

The cop was looking at us and immediately Junior told me, “X, I swear I have nothing to do with all of this” “Oh don’t worry I believe you now” I said with a smile on my face. Junior and I explained this absurd misunderstanding. After hearing the story, the cop quickly asked Junior if I was in my right state of mind. On the outside, I was smiling while making sure to be polite but on the inside, I was thinking of ways on how to turn that girl into Rabbit stew. Junior stated that it was really a misunderstanding and I was perfectly fine….relatively. Honestly, the cop found this whole incident to be amusing saying he much prefer this than it actually is something serious. He made sure to warn me to not tell jokes like that through text as some may not understand. He was right, but the thing was this isn’t the first time I said this to her before. Before he left, he had to get Junior and my statements and address and contact info….With each passing moment, I felt my annoyance and rage build up constantly, but I maintained a smile on my face. My poker nearly broke after I was given a number to the suicide hotline. How long must you all insult me so…how much must I suffer? After the cop left, the RAs and RD began telling me the typical spiel of “You can always talk to us” and blah blah blah. I honestly stopped listening after the first one opened up their mouth. They are treating me like damn basket case… Before I vacated to my room, Junior gave me a hug and whispered to me “I had nothing to do with this” I simply responded with “I know” and we part ways…

In my room, Junior and I continued this conversation via text. Apparently Junior got an apology from Usagi for putting him through all that trouble… Tell this very day I received no such apology for the hell I was put through. Junior and I basically came to the mutual decision of keeping our distance from Usagi. However, Junior urged me to at least talk to her about it, I was no mood for talking. Junior tried to tell me, “Think about it, if she didn’t care about you, she wouldn’t have texted me about this” but again, I was in no mood, but I did take his words under advisement. We bid each other a good night, and thus we are back at the beginning. 2:55 am and I am sitting on my desk, leaning back in my chair, staring up at the ceiling while contemplating about this whole ordeal. I still have so many unanswered questions about that day, What exactly was the point of all this? What did Usagi have to gain? What was this “win-win” she spoke of? Was all of this just to mess with me? However, solving all these riddles on my own only brought me around in more circles. Eventually, I came up with a solution, If Usagi did all this out of a genuine care for me, and then I’d get over this incident. However …If this was all a ploy to mess with me 1 of 2 things will happen. 1: I never speak to Usagi again or…2: “The Mark Has Been Made” (Man on fire) She WILL get hers. With my resolution made, I finally managed to drift off into bed…..Unfortunately, the story isn’t over just yet…

The next day I awake to see a winter wonderland, but given my current temperament, I only glanced at the scene with a stare colder than the snowstorm itself. I was in a decent mood, all things considering, but that was until I heard a knock on my door. I opened it and lo and behold another RA that wasn’t at last night’s proceedings. For God’s Sake at least let me get a cup of morning tea first!! I allowed the RA in as he kept spoon feeding me the typical slogan from last night, “We are always there for you if you ever want to talk.” So they decided to check up on me, again my nerves are reaching their end… Despite my thoughts, I merely kept a poker face, pretended to be grateful and sent him on his way. For the entire day, I didn’t keep in contact with anyone. I was mainly lost in music to take the edge off my nerves. Just when I was finally relaxed my phone goes off, and as some may guess it was Usagi. Apparently, she wanted to eat with me before leaving for the weekend, I wasn’t really in the mood to deal with her but Junior’s words was resonating in my mind. So I grabbed my coat to meet up with Usagi.

At the cafe I see her eating and she quickly greets me with a smile which spikes my nerves. With a sigh, I sat with her and we began to discuss what happened that night. When I told her that the police were involved she was shocked as she stated she had nothing to do that either. What? I was reluctant to believe anything she said, but I wasn’t there to argue only to get answers. Usagi was laughing at the whole ordeal like it was a joke to be taken lightly. I asked what prompted her to do this whole ordeal. Apparently, she attempted to tell me a sad story of how she met someone that all of a sudden took their own life and how she takes those things as a serious threat. I would’ve been moved by this story had she not been smiling and laughing, making this seem like a nonchalant detail. Hearing this I was slowly wondering to myself, Is this girl nuts? Soon I was bombarded with “You’re stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid!!” by Usagi. I was nearing my limit of tolerance as she stated it was all my fault that the particular incident happened to take place. “Shut up,” I said solemnly, but sternly as I was starting to regret my decision of coming to the café. Noticing my sour mood, Usagi asked me with a serious voice “Should I apologize?”.

With an exasperated sigh, I calmly state, “We are done here” before walking off. I went to go get food and returned, she was gone being true to her nature, so I managed to eat alone in peace.

Upon further investigating, it turns out Usagi was telling the truth about her involvement with the cops. Turns out when Junior got Usagi’s text, he was watching a movie with friends at the time, one of his friends found out and had a panic attack. When the RAs found out about the panic attack, she told them everything which prompted the RAs to call the police based on protocol. Which explained how the RAs were all over me that night and why Junior was increasingly mad at the whole circumstance. However, it still ticked me off how everything seemed to have gone exactly the way Usagi wanted. After much deliberating with Junior on the matter, we both decided to put this matter to bed and bury it. Eventually, I did get over the whole ordeal(for the most part) and began going about my business normally. I told all of my friends of the ordeal, both Hujag and Knucklehead were among the first to know. However, out of all my friends only Knucklehead was able to truly understand my plight. As he too has gone through a similar ordeal with a stupid cat, but that is a story for another place and time… Lastly, I told Major of this whole ordeal with this pesky rabbit, only to have him in a fit of laughter at the whole situation. “Maybe you two should take a bit of a break from each other?” said Major. I was way ahead of him on the whole idea as I had not communicated with her over the course of that weekend and then some. We eventually went back to speaking terms and hanging out with each other as usual. Though I don’t think this scenario ever bothered her to begin with unlike me on the other hand. “Yeah your probably right Major, but you know something?” Major looked at me waiting for my reply. “THIS IS SO GOING ON MY BLOG!!!”

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, that is my story of how I had to deal with a difficult weekend all spurned on by a series of events outside my noticeable control. However, it did provide me with an excellent yet ridiculous tale to share with you all and for that alone I am grateful. I apologize for the ridiculously long post. This may even be my longest entry yet, but for those who have read all the way to the end. I sincerely thank you and hope you enjoyed this story to its fullest. Though I have a question, have any of you dealt with such a trouble situation as this or perhaps worse? Feel free to leave in the comments as I am always curious to hear such interesting things. Well, that’s it for me, as always folks I am Mr.X. Feel free to share my work if you deem it worthy, and ask for me, I must once again charm my textbook out of my dear Usagi’s grasp. SEE YOU IN THE NEXT ENTRY.








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