Off to see the Wiz

Well, it’s about that time again. A time where my boredom wells up to inexplicable heights and is in need of a sense of stimulation through fascination, intrigue, perhaps a problem to solve…Or a problem to cause? It is amazing the kind of things you can get up to with just a bit of free time. I guess “Too much boredom can be a dangerous thing.” Once again, my abilities in detection and espionage (to some degree) has been challenged. What on earth could be the challenge this time? While it’s none other than my friend and Colleague, Major. Ladies and Gentleman, my name is Mr. X and once again I wish to share a tale of where my wits and skill are challenged yet again. So without further adieu, let the story begin.


April 30th, 2016, it was a Saturday afternoon, bit of a sunny day. Then the air was filled with a delicious smell of cooked food, and true to my own nature I waited in a line to receive of the delicious banquet before me. They had grilled chicken, salad, macaroni & cheese, cupcakes, and sandwich bread. I was a bit disappointed there were no hamburgers, but I got over it…begrudgingly. While waiting in line I was texting Major constantly to get his butt over here and to enjoy the feast. True to form, he took his own time getting here, by the time Major finally showed up I already had 3 helpings of food. When Major finally got his food we sat down and had a bit of a chat. We discussed traditional things such as “how’s your day?” or “what you have been up to?” Eventually, that got stale. “Major, isn’t there supposed to be that concert today?” I said as I was having my fourth cupcake. “Yeah the one for Wiz Khalifa, it’s going to be nearby.” Major struggled to say this as he was fighting to eat the tough chicken, which happened to have a lot of bones as well. If you had gotten here earlier, you wouldn’t so busy fighting your food. I couldn’t help this thought because Major took so long to get to the banquet, all the grilled boneless chicken ran out…I may have sped up the process. After staring at Major wrestling with chicken for a total of 10 minutes and having finished my cupcake I begin talking. “Did you buy any tickets for the concert?” “No, I don’t care for Wiz or his music honestly…” Major stated this fact offhandedly. It’s true, neither Major nor I care much for the rap music scene. So clearly I wouldn’t go to any of those shows…or pay for them. As I mulled over my thoughts in my head, I realized after eating Major and I have nothing to do. “Major got anything to do later? Like your job or anything?” I asked. “No, I’m pretty much free for the rest of the night besides hanging at your place,” Major said partially annoyed at the lack of Hamburgers as I was. After which we began to discuss what to do next after eating. Major Suggested that we go and play Super Smash Bros. Melee. However, that was becoming our daily routine and I was getting bored of doing that every so often….

When Major and I decided to leave the area after eating, we saw my two roommates at the time,

Shaggy and Carlos, were also eating. So Major and I had a brief discussion with them, “Hey guys what are you up too” Shaggy asked happily. We pretty much stated, we are probably going to hang out at my place and such. However, when I asked the question in return to them, “We were thinking of going to that Wiz Khalifa concert” Carlos responded. Curious, I raised my eyebrow and asked: “You guys bought tickets?” Both Carlos and Shaggy both started to laugh at my question. I don’t get it, what’s so funny? Noticing my puzzled expression, Carlos responded, “Dude, it’s Wiz Khalifa. I’m not going to pay to see that guy, you’re out of your mind.” So that’s it…WAIT THAT’S IT!! After hearing Carlos’s words, a thought erupted. “Pretty sure a lot of people are going to try the same thing as well” Shaggy added. So after we exchanged a few more words, Major and I left my roommates to do what they want. “Your roommates seem surprisingly stable today” Major added with a tinge of being snarky. “Yes, they can be lovable sods, but at the end of the day, they are still a bunch of sods” I stated as to reaffirm a fact. Truth be told, my roommates weren’t bad as in territorial, always arguing, or mean. They were just a bunch of asshats, from a whole lot of drinking to a whole lot of drug abuse…. oh and sex. Definitely, can’t forget about the sex. All three of those things were something I would be reintroduced to later that night…but spoilers. However, there is something I want to thank my roommates as they made me reaffirm and idea I had wanted to do for a while. “Oi Major,” I said in with my trademark devilish grin. Having noticed this Major turned a bit apprehensive and cautiously said, “Yes…?” I stared at him still grinning and stated, “I think I know what we’re going to do.” Thus the seemingly boring day took a bit of a sudden turn.

“No way!”

“C’mon Major!”

“Not happening”

“It could be fun!”

“It’s not worth the bother”

“It could make an interesting story!”

“I want no part in this…”

“Why are you being so stubborn?”

“Because I don’t want to get caught!”

“Then we won’t”

“Are you really that bored?”

“Is that really a question?”

“Knowing you, probably a stupid one…”

If it wasn’t obvious, Major and I were arguing over my latest proposal. As to the proposal itself, it should be fairly obvious. “C’mon, sneaking into the Wiz Khalifa concert could be fun,” I said trying to convince Major. After a long argument with me trying to wear Major down, he finally says. “…..Fine, we’ll stake the place out and see the security detail.” So after that, we set off to the location. Major and I made it to the entrance into the concert area, so we began to walk around. What we found, was not very favorable. The concert area appeared to be around a forest, the area only had one entrance which also served as the exit. The entrance had 2 “visible” checkpoints. As you go down the path into the forest a gate was blocking off the rest of the path. This was the first checkpoint, it contained police officers. The role of the police officers was to pat down and use metal detectors to make sure no weapons or any foreign objects made it into the concert. The first checkpoint was relatively easy to get by. However, the second checkpoint had a higher difficulty, it had a gate, but it was a lot sturdier than the last so no powering through it. The gate had a few personnel to make sure no funny business happened and the only way they would let you through is if you presented your ticket. Major and I presumed after the second gate good chance of a straight shot to the concert hall. Too bad that was the least of our worries, turns out even outside the entrance cops kept doing patrol rounds with their cars, some cars even parked directly outside and Cops just staked the place outside. Major and I had a slight advantage because we have been in the forest area before when it is uninhabited, and Major managed to go there when had a couple of events. Unfortunately, all of that remain utterly meaningless….IF WE COULDN’T GET IN THE PLACE!!!


After a bit more scoping of the area, Major said what we were both thinking, “Security is looking tight here.” “Yeah, it’s gonna a bit tedious to get past all those cops,” I said not yet ready to fold. “You can’t be serious, you still want sneak in there? Dude, I am telling you from experience, this place has more security than a freaking Donald Trump rally!!” Major said thinking I have lost my senses. If that was really the case I wonder why no one tried to kill him yet…. (PS: I don’t care for politics and that was in no way showing my political alignment). Despite the ridiculous statement, I was more inclined to take Major’s comment seriously as he attended one of those things before, don’t ask me why. However, despite the impending odds, “So? I don’t really see in issue..” I stated plainly. Major was completely flabbergasted at my “increasingly irritating personality”. So after our recon session, we went back to my place to discuss our plan, or so I thought. As we entered my room, Major took a piece of paper drawing up the layout of the place. After he finished drawing, he pointed at his drawing. “See this is the entrance and this is how many cops are over here, there is no apparent way to get passed them.” Major was explaining the difficulties of this plan, to counter this I said, “Well what if we get Carlos and Shaggy in on this operation? We could use my hands on this.” The moment those words escaped my mouth, Major looked at me with a ridiculous look. “You’re joking, right? Those guys will most likely be too wasted to be any proper help.” Major said looking annoyed. “Exactly what I would count on, we can trick them as pawns to get security’s attention, therefore, we can slip in,” said I.

“So you missed the part there are MULTIPLE cops guarding that entrance, two drunken idiots are not enough to hold off a group of cops.”

“They will be if we find another way to cut through that entrance.”

Irritated, Major shoved the paper drawing into my face and stated, “Have you lost it? Based on this it’s almost impossible to get in with that makeshift plan. Besides those roommates of yours would slow us down immensely.”. “You have a point, then again, I wasn’t really serious about using Carlos and Shaggy anyway,” I said offhandedly. Before I could retort Major went on to say, “Plus the this is Wiz Khalifa, if this was someone with better music, I’d be more willing to go along with your insanity.”. At this point, I had to admit Major had a point. I didn’t care for Wiz Khalifa either, so my ridiculous idea had no real benefit to me. However, I did have a reason.  After much debating and deliberating, I managed to convince Major to stake out the place one more time…but this time, it got even worse.


At this time it was starting to get dark, so of course security took a bit of a step up. At this point, Major and I decided it would be best if we fold in our pursuit of sneaking into the concert. We soon reconvened at a cyber cafe, “Guess we couldn’t get in after all” Major said, relieved at the supposed end of this incident. “It is a shame, it would’ve been fun too” I stated with a tinge of disappointment. Puzzled by my statement, Major asked, “Why were you so dead set on sneaking into the concert?” I paused at the question and gave it some thought, then responded, “I wanted something fun and interesting to do. We always play video games over the weekends and frankly, it get’s boring, especially since I tend to win at most of them. I thought this could be an interesting story I could put on my blog as another legendary exploit, but unfortunately, we can’t do anything cause you seem so scared”. The moment those words left my mouth, it began…. “Scared? Dude, I’m not following you to a place with such a haphazard plan.” Major argued.

“Yes, but every plan I tried to come up with, you would always strike it down” I retorted

This exchange went on back and forth, basically, I argued it was due to Major’s unwilling nature why we couldn’t formulate a proper strategy, while Major argued that he was only so complacent because the supposed end goal wasn’t worth the effort. The argument finally reached it’s climax when Major said, “Ok then Mr.X, if you think you’re so good, get in by yourself!” Huh? I was lost in thought at this sudden challenge. “Wait but it’s 9:30pm, it’s almost time for us to get to work?” I stated plainly. “Don’t worry about it” Major said tauntingly, “I’ll make a bet with you, get into the concert by 10:30pm and I’ll do both shares of our work, but if you don’t you’ll have to do it all and buy me food” After hearing this declaration of a challenge, my eyes light up my devilish grin was on. There was only one course of action for me to take, without hesitation, I grabbed Major’s hand and said, “Game On!” and with that, I dashed out of the cyber cafe, for I had work to do.


Right off the jump, I make it back to the concert entrance. I walk around getting more familiar with the place, though how much more familiar can I get given this is my third time at this location. Ok, so the front exit is out, hmm… I decided to cut into the upper level of the forest, the trees were spread out wide enough to be used as a makeshift path, although the tree would get thicker on the inside. As I got to the path, making sure I wasn’t followed or seen and began to walk into the forest for a while. Unfortunately, my peaceful stroll was brought to a halt as I soon noticed security also wondering the forest area I was in. D’arvit! Luckily, the Security didn’t seem to notice me, but because of their positions, I couldn’t advance either . Let’s just back it up nice and slow. As I proceeded to do so, something straight out of a cartoon happens and I step on a stick which caused a bit of noise. Long story short, nice and slow immediately turned into quick and hasty. Strike: 1 So now that my first attempt ended in a failure I reconceived at the entrance lost in thought, If I don’t get in there, Major will never let me hear the end of it. Unsurprisingly, I get another idea. This time, I would go down lower in the forest area, the walk in and climb to the concert. Few issues with this idea: 1. I never traveled to that lower part of the forest so I have no idea of the terrain. 2. The seemed to be a house that was uninhabited at the time. 3. This was the best part, as I was walking down it appeared that police cars were driving by that area, and BEST OF ALL, one seemed to be trying to follow me.  Thankfully after many twists and turns, I managed to get to my destination unhindered. I made sure the lights in the house were off so I wasn’t being watched, in the midst of that, I noticed a police car parked a quarter of a mile from my location. Why are the police so conveniently parked? As much as wanted to contemplate that train of thought, I quickly changed my attention to making my way through the forest area..again. So far it was going decently, I managed to make it to the upper level and not a security guard in sight, but another roadblock appeared. This is where issue #1 started to take effect, as I walked further and further I started to notice how I was less and less able to walk on the ground. My foot stepped in a big puddle of mud, and thankfully reflex kicked in and brought my entire foot up before it sank in the mud pile completely. I quickly glance around the area in the forest to get a sense of my location and I quickly noticed a certain plant. I noticed, what appeared to be, a pink water lily, it wasn’t blooming, but as I looked ahead further I saw a whole lot of them across the field. As I saw this a thought slowly crept into my mind, I’m in a swap…. I came to this conclusion because the water lily only grows in calm waters or in this case a marshland. It would also explain why my foot nearly sank into the bog of mud. This irritated me because this meant I couldn’t go any further at this point. I lacked the necessary materials to make it through so I had no choice but to retreat. Thus I was at STRIKE 2!!


It was coming down to the wire, my time was almost up and I appeared to be fresh out of ideas.

I barely managed to escape the woods and it’s makeshift swap, all while escaping police detection with a muddy shoe no less. Honestly, at that point, it didn’t matter to me whether the cops found me or not. I was on the verge of quitting and going back to the cyber cafe to admit defeat. As I began walking, I kept imagining Major taunting me. So much for the great Mr.X, can’t even get into a lowly concert. The very thought was infuriating, so my gait sped up. As I was walking my mind began to race as to any other ideas I can come up with. In the midst of my thinking, I found myself back at the main concert entrance. Back at the problem, the MAIN problem. As I was looking, I heard a bit of commotion behind me and noticed there was a small group of people collaborating. I didn’t stare, but I perked up my ears to listen in, “How are we gonna sneak in?” said one of the guys. “I don’t know but a few people have already tried, I recently saw a guy and a girl running away from security trying to sneak in the forest,” Said another one of the guys. A guy and a girl? Good thing I thought against that method. I wonder who was the unlucky couple? Little did I know I would that bit of information later. As I was listening, it came to my attention that they are still a few people trying to sneak into this concert with a lot of unsuccessful attempts. My thoughts were reeling thinking, If so many people tried and failed how can I do so? I smiled at this ridiculous question as I already knew the answer, “Because I’m not them.” I said with renewed vigor. I was ready for one last attempt, the final strike. I knew if I lost this it was game over, therefore it was time for my final plan.


It was 10:12pm. After a brief moment to catch my bearings, I walked straight into the main concert entrance. There were a few people ahead of me going through the first checkpoint; I wasn’t too concerned, it was a simple metal detector/pat down to make sure no foreign items went into the concert hall. I made it past them with relative ease, but the issue was up ahead with the second checkpoint. I had no ticket to give them, so I was stalling in the small walkway between first and second checkpoint. I walked slowly and noticed I can cut through to the lake which was part of the concert hall. My plan was that there had to be a way to cut and go around in between the checkpoints. However, this plan in risky for a few reasons. 1: I didn’t know the security detail deep inside for all I know the lake could’ve been surrounded by guards. 2: It was a getting too dark, I would have to pay very close attention or I could get lost far away from the lake as certain paths can lead you to other far off place…like the swamp. 3: This issue just appeared as I walked, the entrance I found to cut through the lake is close to the second checkpoint. So close that the guards can see me if I suddenly disappeared. Tch, this is going to take some sort of miracle for this to work. As if the powers that be heard my plea, a car decided to drive through the walkway I was on. The security team was busy guiding the vehicle along the path. I obviously didn’t stay to ask questions, I was already cutting through the forest, making a beeline to the lake making sure not to make any noise. A few minutes later, I made it to the lake which is past the second checkpoint. I let out a small chuckle and grin at my accomplishment, now all I have to do is walk along the lake’s edges and I’ll make it to the concert in not time. Or at least, that was supposed to be the plan…. As I was walking along the lake I heard, “Hey there” I turned my head slowly and saw a security guard looming over me. I saw the man and only one thing crossed my mind….. Game over….?


Except not quite, “Hey can I see your yellow band?” the security guard asked. “Huh?” I asked in confusion. The Guard explained that I am supposed to receive a yellow band around the arm as proof you went through the second gate. “Oh they must not have given me one I’ll go back and get one,” I said lying my way out. The security guard was skeptical and asked, “Are you sure you passed or did you cut through the forest?” Of course, I told him anything but the truth, “Oh, I passed I’m going to get the yellow band now” As I walked up back to the second checkpoint, I noticed the security guard was watching me to make sure I went back. Meanwhile, cold sweat was dripping on my back, Crap, I miscalculated. How the hell am I gonna get out of this mess, I can’t make a run for it, just gotta go for it. As I made it to the second checkpoint, one of the guards said, “If you leave you can’t comeback”. I played dumb saying, “Oh really? I didn’t know guess I’ll go back”. However, as I turned back the other security guard was still watching me like a hawk. I was out of options and almost out of time, so I went for broke. “Um, excuse me, I lost my yellow band, can I get another one?” I asked, pretending to be nervous, no wait, I wasn’t pretending, I really was nervous. “Sure, I just need to see your ticket,” The guard asked. I was looking around my pockets frantically as if I lost my ticket. I will admit not my best ruse, but it’s all I could come up with on short notice. How the hell am I gonna get out of this predicament? Apparently, the powers that be were still at work, A long line of people coming on the opposite side of me was trying to get to the concert so they were showing the tickets to get entry into the concert. Noticing I was taking a while, they pulled me to the side so I can “look” for my ticket and they can deal with the incoming people. As I kept “looking”, the guard took out a box of yellow bands to give to people. It was a lot of people coming through so the box kept fumbling around, and as luck would have it, one conveniently fell out near me. Noticing this, I whistled slightly as my foot decided to hover over the band, then I had a sudden urge to tie my shoes. I saw a few people run ahead of me after they got their yellow bands to not miss out on the concert. I quickly escaped the Security Guards gaze at the second checkpoint and began to run. I ran so fast you’d think I hit a homerun for the New York Yankees. As I ran the security guard down below saw me, but once I showed the yellow band, he didn’t stop me. None of the security guards stopped me and let me go on straight through, and the rest my dear readers, was history.


Stage: Clear

Sneak into a musical Concert

Achievement: Unlocked!


While it was nice sneaking into the Wiz Khalifa concert, the concert itself was not that enjoyable in my opinion. The moment I walked into the premises, It was like a giant gas chamber, except the gas was a majority of people smoking weed. I was hardly able to breathe, so I had to hang all the way into the back of the concert just not to suffocate. Of course, it didn’t help at all that Wiz Khalifa was also smoking weed almost after every set of songs. To make matters worse security seemed to be going into the crowds, I didn’t know if they were weeding people out(pun intended) or looking for people that snuck in(like me). I was tempted to leave as soon as I came, but after the stunt I pulled, I couldn’t leave so easily, so I just grit my teeth and bared with it. Wiz played a few songs like Young, Wild & Free(the most obvious), Black & Yellow, Work hard Play hard and Payphone(yeah it’s by Maroon 5 but Wiz had a small part in it) etc. I honestly didn’t care for the music, the main thing keeping me laughing through this ordeal is how pissed Major is going to get when hears about how I pulled it off. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait too long as the concert came to a close. The Security was watching everybody that left, so I had the presence of mind to keep my hood over my head until I completely left the premises. As I made it back, Major was both upset and disgusted. He was upset I bested him at our little wager and he had to do all my work for the night, disgusted because I reeked of smoke and him being a tad asthmatic, was not a good thing. Major and I made our way back to my place, Major and I hurried as he was dying to know exactly how I pulled off such an audacious stunt. However, little did we know that the night wasn’t quite finished with us quite yet. To be continued > right here

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, that is my story of how I snuck into a Wiz Khalifa concert and I hoped you enjoyed it. Til this day, Major still get’s upset and always tells me “You got @#$%! Lucky”. Which is true, but I still won our little wager, ever since then even he thinks a bit twice before challenging me. However, I must admit the next time I ever plan to do this it’s going to be a concert I actually want to get to and can enjoy myself because this one was kind of a pain. I’ve even told this story to Usagi, who was moderately impressed and said “Good Job”, and even my brother couldn’t help but laugh and say “You have Komaeda’s luck”(DR2 reference). Personally, I don’t think my luck is precisely good or bad. I believe my luck is very dubious and hard to understand, but it’s something I must live with so I won’t shun or complain but in this case embrace it fully. By the way, the Boy and Girl that was chased out of the concert by security was actually my roommate Carlos and his girl at the time. If you want to know more about what happened to Major and me, I suggest you click the link to my previous entry explaining just that. Well, my dear readers, that’s it for me. Please feel free to share my work if you deem it worthy. In the meantime, I must undertake another seemingly impossible mission, I GOING TO GET MY PESKY RABBIT BACK!!! SEE YOU IN THE NEXT ENTRY.








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