Monster Of Truth

“Monsters who lie are a real nuisance”

No Surprise there, but what if I told you..

The only thing just as bad as a monster of lies

Is a monster of truth…


They will seek Adventure, only to escape modernity

They will challenge the status quo, determined to change it

They will isolate themselves, as they hardly seek companionship

They will question their existence, as they search for a meaning to life


They will explicitly expose flaws they see, no matter how small

They will constantly see through others, as if a glass window

They will discover hidden secrets, only to expose them

They will strive for the impossible, only to achieve it


A Monster of truth puts others to shame

As they are a lot more abrasive than other monsters

As long as they are infected with “curiosity”

They will continue their never ending quest for truth


As I continue my pursuit for the truth

I will see you in the next entry

Ladies and Gentleman, you know me as the enigmatic Mr.X. I seem to have a plethora of hobbies since as of recently I had the sudden urge to rewatch Death Note. It is a lovely series and I highly recommend it to any anime fans. However, while watching, I couldn’t help but reminisce the famous speech L gave about lying monsters. L is one of my favorite fictional Detectives(next to Sherlock Holmes). So after listening to the speech again, I couldn’t help but feel compelled to challenge the ideology of Lying monsters. I want to challenge the speech given, and most importantly….. I want to challenge L. It sounds ridiculous to challenge a fictional character…but so what? It sounds just as ridiculous as a guy serving as a detective of sorts a hobby(and profit…). The point is Truth and Lies have always been two sides of a similar spectrum. The one thing both sides have in common is that both are hated and loved by society equally. However, that is merely my opinion, so I will allow others to criticize that standpoint. Without further adieu, my lovely readers SEE YOU IN THE NEXT ENTRY.


Art: The person who made the picture is a good friend of mine and he finally made a blog of his own: he is a very talented artist and good at making stories. It is a little barren at the moment but feel free to check them out.




  1. What do you mean you don’t write poetry much?? You are sooo GOOD! Man, I wish I had that much talent! Yes, the truth and lie can both be devious is what I can comprehend. But, sometimes some of the truth will be our reward of Karma, that truth is the best….Get what I mean? But we do search for the truth, I mean I do for the truth of myself, but i dunno if that’s what your trying to express. Honestly, you write so professionally and amazing 🙂 I can’t understand so much,I’m just a small one lol ….Your too high on the standard 😉

    1. Thank you very much. I’ve been known to be a bit of a perfectionist with my work.. ehehehe. Also it’s an interesting perspective with adding Karma into the mix. Karama merely dishes out what is deserved so it could serve as a good way to tip the scales in a certain favor. I really appreciate the lovely feedback and compliment.

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