To That Pesky Rabbit

“I like you”

Except not really….

A pesky rabbit like you?

That’s sounds very silly..

While you are hardworking

You can be a bit of an Airhead

Sometimes I wonder if you’re overworking

Sheesh, me calling you a handful was well said

Sure, you can be nice

Which tends to happen out of the blue

If I were to be precise

You should watch who you’re so kind to

However, I’m sure I am not the first to misunderstand

Your kindness for feelings of affection

Yet I still choose to withstand

In hopes of getting your attention

You’ll probably say no

For personal reason, which is justified

But unfortunately, I am a stubborn idiot, so..

Until I make my feelings clear, I’m afraid I won’t be satisfied

I enjoy having you around

It’s always ridiculous yet fun at the sametime

Time I have spent with you never seems to be a let down

Being with you feels like an adventure of a lifetime

Of course I could go on and on about how I feel

So to save time, I’ll just come right out and say it

This feels a bit surreal

Because this is never easy to admit

I love you

And I hope you are enjoying your day

As I say this to an amazing girl like you

Happy Valentines day

This is probably a very well written poem by me. Which makes it almost a shame really, that this piece of work almost never saw the light of day. Honestly, it really sucks when such hard work can become utterly wasted… When a person strives for change but is still forced to deal with the everyday. “Nothing ever changes..” Is what I told myself after such a crushing disappointment. No matter how hard one tries, all work can become pointless and unnecessary. However, all thing happen for a reason. Or at least that is what I choose to tell myself as another a coping mechanism. Despite my initial expectations, it appears my attempts had fallen short. Stay tuned for the full story to come I guess, a tale of another (mis)adventure.

“How much of a fool we all must be, through the lives we lead”

Although I had wished for things to work out differently,

I will see you all in the next entry 



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