A Green Apple Fell From The Sky

“The fruit at the top taste no better than the fruit at the bottom.”

Why is that?

Are they really the same?

Is nothing different about them besides their place holdings?

If so, what separates the apples from the top or bottom?


The answer is, the effort it takes to acquire them.

The fruits at the bottom are a dime a dozen.

With not effort, anyone can simply pick them off.

However, where is the fun in that?

Surrounded by a sea of red apples.


Why would one settle for the bottom?

Because it’s easier to achieve?

Because it’s safer than climbing for the top?

Because you are afraid to fall?

Because it doesn’t matter?

Because nothing will change?


“How Green”


We all aim for the top.

The climb is the most difficult but also the most entertaining.

The greater the risk the greater the potential glory.

We may fall, HARD, and flat.

What matters is we pick ourselves up.

Thus we must believe that life WILL change.

They claim the top taste no better than the bottom

But how could they possibly know that

If they haven’t tried to climb themselves?


Though, I reminisce about my greatest fall.

I still look to the sky trying to find an answer.

And as I prepare to climb again….

“A Green Apple Fell From The Sky”

I apologize for my long absence but I shall, 

See you in the next entry.




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