Twinsanity A Holiday Special

I have been informed

that I should share this story.

However, I will do so a little out of the norm

as I thought this little allegory

could use a change of pace.

So in the meantime

Let’s cut to the chase

And I’ll share this tale, with only a few rhymes.

Who am I you may ask?

Why I am your humble storyteller

One that has been entrusted with this task.

Just someone sharing a story in this snowy weather.

However, if I must give myself a name

You may call me Mr.X.

Yes, I’m aware of this strange surname

But now let’s move on to the main subject.

I hope the holidays are treating you well.

Now let us begin our narrative

Of a man diving into hell

In order to achieve a hypothetical imperative.


Two weeks before Christmas, and all through the town finals week was just around the corner. Much to our main character’s horror. Jason was his name, a not so average college student trying to make it in the world. Though on this particular night he seemed a bit perturbed. “Man, I’m so bored” Jason spoke in accord. Despite the forecast, Jason started to walk from class. However, due to his boredom, Jason was forced to outsource some of his friends. Jason soon called his friend Havoc on his phone.

“Yo, Havoc you want to get something to eat?”

“Sorry man, I still got this Senior Thesis to complete.”

“I see, well, Good Luck then.”

“Don’t worry dude, once I finish this thesis, we can hang out again.”

Realizing his plans would have to be postponed. Jason decided to take a trip to the library in order to get something productive done. “Ah jeez, final’s week has only just begun.”

As Jason walked into the library. He stared into a window and his expression became quite merry. The reason being was Jason happened to see a girl inside, he was quite fond of. He didn’t know whether she was a gift from above, talk about young love. Nevertheless, Jason proceeded inside. As he walked in he noticed an empty seat at her side. Ask for the girl our boy Jason was head over heels for. Her name is Asuly, a girl he met randomly and tried to get close to before. They had spoken a few times before, but the closer Jason got to Asuly. He couldn’t help but feel guilty. Because as he got to know her he soon realized, crap, I am really starting to like her! Jason doesn’t have the greatest track record with girls, despite this, he is a stubborn idiot. He might not be insidious definitely not hideous he can even be witty, but for some reason, things have a hard time going his way. Although not this time, Jason was determined to find a way into Asuly’s heart, even if he had to use a cliche.

“Hi Asuly, how’s it been?”

“Oh, Hi Jason, it’s been a tad stressful, especially when finals are about to begin.”

“I understand how you feel”

“Yeah, it really is a trying ordeal.

Asuly and Jason spoke for a while. Jason was telling her how he made a new story for her to read, all while keeping a cheery smile. However, Asuly was trying to study, so Jason thought it best not to disrupt her any further and tried to keep busy. After a while, Jason and Asuly kept to their work. While Asuly was reading, Jason had to write a paper, while trying not to curse. An hour later, Jason notices someone approaches Asuly with a bag of food. Jason did not want to intrude. Although, he quickly took a glance at the person to see if this stranger would be a potential challenger. As Jason looked at the person his eyes widen, holy crap, that’s the twin sister!

While Jason was surprised he couldn’t help but think of someone else that would enjoy such a prize. Jason quickly stepped outside into the cold air intensified. Jason decided to call his friend Havoc, all while looking ecstatic.

“Hello, Jason what do you want?”

“Havoc, get your butt over here,” Jason said with a taunt.

See Havoc and Jason both liked Asuly. However, Jason made the first move, how lucky. Because of this Havoc would tease Jason endlessly secretly hoping Jason failed. However, Jason was even more determined to prevail. So to get Havoc off his back, he decided to make a deal. In hopes that Havoc would agree to this appeal.

“Look, I understand how you feel, so can we please make a deal? If you leave Asuly to me, I will try to set you up with her twin sister, so please stop being bitter.” Jason said with a grin so sinister. Jason extended his hand in agreement. They shook on it which put Havoc in a state of merriment. However, Jason was clever, he only wanted to pacify Havoc so he could continue his endeavor. When asked if he intended to honor the deal, Jason merely replied, “Pfft, never.”

Back to the present, Jason met up with Havoc but looked unpleasant.

“Look man this better be worth it, I took a break from my thesis.”

“Will you relax man, Jesus.”

After a while, they made it to the library appearing quite ready. Jason and Havoc took a detour to get something to eat. “Ok, we’re here, now where are the girls we are supposed to meet?”

Jason looked around roughly but only found Asuly. Jason said, “I see Asuly here, but not her sister. Did she disappear?” Havoc looked a bit surprised, but Jason remained comprised. Jason knew the sister wouldn’t stay long. Although to keep Havoc none the wiser, Jason had to play along.

“Sorry Havoc, I kept up my end of the deal, not my fault you’re so slow.”

“Damn it, it took me to long to trudged through the snow.”

“Oh well, I tried to help, but now I’m going back to Asuly.”

“Oh really?

Havoc walked and took a seat next to Jason. No doubt, Havoc wanted to break his concentration. Havoc wanted to disrupt Jason’s little game. Although to Jason, it was all the same. Because Jason was clever and intended to use Havoc’s blind stupidity in his favor.

“Here you go.”

“What’s this?…Oh!”

Jason gave Havoc a copy of his story of their adventures, which gave Havoc such splendors.

Overhearing the conversation, Asuly couldn’t help but ask “What’s the sensation?”

Jason explained the story he wrote about Havoc and his various encounters. All while Asuly looked eager to read about their many adventures. “Mind if I read it?”, Asuly asked nicely.

Before Jason had a chance to answer, “Of course you can.” Havoc said smiling brightly. Havoc handed the story to Asuly. All while Jason smirked slightly. “Havoc are you sure about that?” Jason asks feigning concern. “Yeah what’s worse that can happen?” Havoc said unconcerned. Little did Havoc realize, there was more to Jason’s story than he initially advertised. Jason did indeed write a story of their adventures, but he also wrote about their misadventures. Jason included several embarrassing moments involving Havoc. Jason even included a moment where they met Asuly, oh how tragic. Jason couldn’t help but grin all while thinking sorry Havoc, but it looks like I win. Nonetheless, Jason was not yet content. He felt like adding more fuel to the fire on this auspicious event.

“Oh crap!” Jason said, getting ready to lay his trap.

“What is it?”

“I have to admit that there was one section in the story I forgot to omit..”

Jason took out another copy of his story and gave to Havoc. As Havoc read through to the last page his expression became quite erratic.

“You fucked up, how could you give this to her?”

“If memory recalls you gave up the piece of literature.”

“That was before I knew what was on it!”

“Well isn’t that tragic…”

Jason and Havoc turned to Asuly, who was already reading. While Havoc was shaking to busy failing not succeeding.

“Jason you have to take that away from her.”

“Sorry, no can do, we might as well defer.”

Unable to wait any longer, Havoc approached Asuly, while hiding his anger.

“Sorry but I don’t think you should be reading that.” However, Asuly merely tilted her head all while Jason thinks, go on and make your move, ass hat. Havoc tried to explain that reading the story was a bad idea due to his embarrassment. Although, hearing all of the excuses only made Asuly filled with excitement. Thus Asuly spoke, “I not sure what all the complaints are for, but hearing all of this oppositions just make me what to read this story that much more.” Jason smirked as he realized his plan had worked. By causing Havoc enough unrest he was able to drum up Asuly’s growing interest. With the first part of his plan done, Jason thought, I think it’s time to get rid of a certain someone. Jason pulls Havoc to the side, leaving Asuly to read in peace. All while Havoc’s worries continued to increase.

“Ok Havoc, there is nothing we can do, so run along and I’ll take care of the rest for you.”

“Wait now you’re willing to help me and what do you mean by we?”

“Look that’s not important here, so go on now, disappear.”

After a brief afterthought and what not, Havoc exclaimed, “You planned this didn’t you!?”

Jason smiled, “Oh dear has my plan been seen through?”

“So this entire time you manipulated my foolish self.”

“Sorry my dear Havoc, but you mainly played yourself.”

“You’re using me and that story in order to confess.”

“Oh my dear Havoc, that’s such a wild guess.”

Havoc was enraged up to the brim. All while Jason was wearing a devilish grin. Reaching his limit, Havoc had enough of it. Havoc proceeded to leave, but not before telling Jason, “You better handle your shit!”

With his annoying rival gone, Jason still had a few things he needed to touch on. He returned to Asuly’s side to watch her read, hoping his plan would succeed. Soon, Asuly gave a small laugh. Putting a smile on Jason’s face as he partially wrote the story on her behalf. Asuly soon finishes her read. Jason was slightly afraid of her feedback that was ready to take heed.

“So what do you think?” Jason asked Asuly that night.

“I thought it was really good if you ask me you would make a really good playwright!”

“Wait, really?” Jason said taken aback by the compliment.

“Yeah, I really do,” Asuly said with a smile as she returned the document.

Jason couldn’t hide the smile on his face. “Well if that’s the case.”  

Jason gave Asuly another one of his stories in his excitement. At this point, the two of them completely forgotten about their assignments. It might seem that Jason was trying to impress her, but in all honesty, he just wanted to get closer to her. He wasn’t necessarily after first base, he merely wanted to put a smile on Asuly’s face. Another hour went by, as Jason was waiting for Asuly to read the adventures of Zed and Kai. Asuly soon finished it, while Jason wondered if the story he wrote had been a hit.

“That was a great plot twist, making Santa Claus the villain,” Asuly said with a happy expression.

“Wait you really liked it?” Jason asked the question.

“Yes I really did, there is so much to offer in your story world.” Asuly returned to papers unfurled.  Asuly continued, “Though with Santa as the villain I can imagine many would be appalled. By the way, what is your story called?”

“It is called the Patron Saint of Murder, I’m sure the title might fill people with horror.”

The two spoke for hours and it got really late. Honestly, one could assume it was like a date. After a while, Jason and Asuly went back to work. Even though Jason was trying to shirk. Jason went to the bathroom, but when he returned, he noticed Asuly was leaving the room. She had to return home as it was getting late real soon. However, Jason was wondering whether he should ask her on a date. If only he could be sate. They waved each other goodbye. Although Jason kept thinking, Is this how the story ends, am I just going to stand by? Jason was getting ready to flip a coin in an attempt to rejoin. If heads he runs after her and confess, if tails he would give up and put the matter to rest. Jason got heads and he ran outside after her. However, the fool ran outside without his jacket so all he could say was, “BRRR!!” He ran after trying to call her name, but she couldn’t hear, those headphones were to blame. Realizing this, Jason ran even faster. My goodness, this was such a disaster. Jason ran so fast he nearly passed her, Asuly soon turned to see who was behind her. Asuly found Jason out of breath, Jason couldn’t help but think, Screw it so much for stealth. Asuly quickly reacted,

“Oh my gosh, are you ok?”

“No worries I’m perfectly fine, okay?”

“Oh…Then what to do you want?” Asuly asked while Jason tried to look nonchalant.

Jason may not have been in the best state, but he still managed to ask, “Do you want to go on a date?” Asuly raised her eyebrow, but Jason was unable to turn back now.

“We can meet and then go out and get something to eat.” Jason paused as he was beginning to stutter, but he forced himself to utter, “Because I like you.” Normally that would have been Asuly’s cue. However, she merely stared at Jason with awkward confusion on her face. Noticing this Jason’s embarrassment made him want to die in place. With the abundance of awkward silence with no sign of compliance. Jason tried to read her mind but, he had no clue, realizing there was nothing he can do. Asuly responds, “I’ll think about it.” However, Jason knew all too well what that meant and thought to himself, ah shit.. The two awkwardly waved at each other saying “See ya later”. Though if you asked Jason when he’d see her again, “Possibly never…”

As soon as Asuly was out of sight, Jason was stuck in an internal fight. “OH MY GOSH, WHY AM I A TOTAL LOSER?!” Jason yelled wishing he was a lot smoother.

“First that stupid rabbit and that class rep, all these bad habits are giving me a bad rep.”

Jason looked up at the sky fearing he failed in his little game. So all he could do was trudge back to the library while doing the walk of shame. Jason still continues to look up at the sky to find the answer he seeks. Which brings us to our second week.

It was now a week before Christmas and Finals week was coming to an end. Leaving Jason stuck in a room with his two friends. We already know about Havoc, but now we have a new character to introduce how fantastic. The new guy we will call Hal. He is Jason and Havoc’s pal. The guy was pretty useful, especially when Havoc and Jason became a bit of a handful. Jason had told Hal and Havoc about his unfortunate display with Asuly. In an effort to take his mind off it, Havoc decided to give Jason a hug, oh how lovely. Havoc was still hard at work with his thesis paper. All while Hal fiddles with his phone while Jason laments about his previous failure. Soon Havoc spoke, “Ok guys I’m finally done.”  Jason responded, “Right on time and the night has only just begun.”  “That’s fine and all, but what are we going to do?” That was a pretty good question Hal asked out of the blue. After a while of thinking, the group finally decided, “Let’s go out drinking.” Jason gave a sour expression. Most people would love the idea of getting drunk and partying, but Jason was the exception. As a matter of fact, Jason hated the taste of alcohol. Even more, he hated the fact that if he was drinking with Havoc, Jason was in for the long haul. Although, because Havoc was soon graduating, Jason thought, one drink wouldn’t hurt whilst celebrating. “Alright, drinking it is, so let’s go,” Hal said. “All this waiting around is making me want to go to bed.” Havoc just had to make a quick detour to his room for money. So Jason and Hal followed along because it beats sitting around on their knees.

After walking past the police department, the group of three finally made it to Havoc’s apartment. Upon their arrival, some girls gave the three a box of pastries including cookies. This caused the group’s eyes to light up at the site of the goodies. Although Jason couldn’t help but question the sudden gesture of kindness. “Excuse me, but why did you give us the cookies?” Jason asked with such politeness. The girl spoke, “Well someone in the building works at a bakery and brought a box for the whole building to share.” With that, Jason and his friends proceeded to eat the cookies without a care. Finally making it into Havoc’s room, Jason and Hal started eating a croissant. Meanwhile, Havoc looking for his wallet asked, “What kind of drink do you guys want?” Jason remained silent as he had could care less, but Hal requested, “You can get whatever as long as we don’t end up getting arrested.” Jason nodded his head to agree. “Look, guys, I’m not going to get us so drunk that we…?” Jason interrupts Havoc and says, “Look we can discuss this once we are there. Now if Havoc has his wallet, let’s depart while we still have time to spare.” With that being said, Havoc jumped off his bed. Jason and Hal so followed suit and left the room, but before the tomfoolery could resume. The trio found a case of water left unattended. The water looked completely safe and untainted, but it appeared someone left the water undefended.  “Sheesh, first we get cookies, now water, all we need now are some booze and girls and now it’s a party,” Jason said jokingly. The trio came together and laughed knowingly. Havoc spoke, saying, “This is definitely going to be a night to remember.” Oh, and how right he was in this month of December. After loading the box of pastries and water into the car. The trio made their way towards the closest liquor store, which luckily for them wasn’t too far. However, it did take longer due to Havoc being bad at directions. Good thing Jason and Hal were there to give corrections.

After multiple directions later, they finally managed to make it to the liquor store. Hal stayed behind to keep the car warm, while Jason and Havoc went out to explore. After a bit of banter between Jason and Havoc, the two settled on vodka. Jason had no choice but to relent even though drinking wasn’t part of his dogma. Although, when they returned to the car, Havoc began to think. “Guys we are going to need a mixer because straight vodka is a pretty strong drink.” The trio sat down in thought, wondering where they would get a mixer for the newly bought liquor. “We can just get a mixer from the store I work at,” said Hal. Feeling excited Havoc says, “Then go to this store we shall.” The trio finally arrived at the store. Getting out of the car, Havoc begins to run through the store’s front door. After that, Jason pulled Hal to the side. “You do realize you just brought Havoc to your workplace, right?” as Jason said that, Hal’s excitement began to subside. “Crap, you’re right, I’m starting to regret this.” “Welp, it’s too late to call it quits.” With that Jason and Hal made their way inside. With both of their fear and concern amplified.

After a bit of wandering around. The trio was trying to find some common ground.

“Ok, so what drink are we going to mix with our vodka, guys?” Havoc asked.

After a bunch of back and forth, “Why not just get some Kool-aid?”, Jason spoke at last.

With that, it was finally decided. Which left the group feeling delighted. After getting the drink, Hal and Jason stood in the check out line. Meanwhile, Havoc wandered off, which suited Jason and Hal just fine.  As the two got closer to the cashier, there was a sudden change in atmosphere. “Oh, hi Angel,” Hal said to the cashier.  Jason was curious, so turned to look, but his eyes soon widened in fear. Jason began to shiver as if he was in the middle of winter. What the hell are the odds, that I am staring at Asuly’s twin sister!? Jason quickly turned away, which caused Hal to wonder why he was in such a panic. “Interesting, how interesting!” as if to make matters worse, out of the corner with a devious smile came Havoc. However, Hal was still lost as to why Jason was afraid and why Havoc was so excited. Hal paused in thought and remembered a certain story that Jason had provided. About how Jason liked a girl that happened to have a twin sister. Hal’s eyes widened and he turned to Jason, “Is that the twin sister?” Hal said in a whisper. Jason still nervous, nodded his head in agreement. Meanwhile, Havoc was in such a state of excitement. Havoc was going to try a woo Angel, thinking he had the power of Cupid. Jason and Hal were scared simply because Havoc is going to do something stupid! As they got closer in line, Jason whispered to Hal, “We need to leave immediately.” To which Hal responded, “I agree with you completely.”

As a sign of good fortune, another check out line opened up. Jason and Hal saw this as a godsend and tried to back up. Though, as Jason and Hal tried to transition into the next line. Havoc had seen this opportunity as a sign. Havoc made a beeline toward Angel. Seeing this Jason thought to himself, I have to stop Havoc before he’s able! Jason quickly grabbed Havoc by the arm. Havoc turned around in alarm.

“What are you doing?”

“What does it look like, there’s a girl there in need of wooing.”

“Havoc stop your gonna get us in trouble.”

“Let go of me Jason, or else I’ll make it double.”

Jason realized that Havoc wasn’t going quietly. Not to mention this small banter only ignited the two’s rivalry. Jason’s a lot stronger than he looks so he forced his grip on Havoc’s arm intended to drag him back. Unfortunately, Havoc was also strong as he forced his arm forward to shake of Jason, but in doing so, all you heard was a “SMACK”. Havoc’s sudden jerk caused him to knock into someone causing a big mess. What was going through the people’s minds was anyone’s guess. Angel looked at Jason and Havoc looking surprised and scared. Hal had long since moved to the other line, so he was spared.

“Shit, Jason look what you made me do!”

“What? If anyone is to blame it’s you!”

However, their banter was cut short. As the man they knocked, was not the least bit happy at the sort.  “Ah….” “…Shit” the two idiots said. Havoc, sensing danger, quickly fled. Jason, on the other hand, tried to apologize and help the man. Talk about not being part of the plan. To Jason, this was becoming an utter nightmare. Meanwhile, Hal can only facepalm at the scene saying, “I really can’t take you guys anywhere…” As Jason was leaving he looked at Angel that had an unreadable expression on her face that he couldn’t make out. Jason tensed up and though, I really hope Asuly does not find out.

Outside in the cold night air, Jason had a mile long stare. Havoc was waiting by a tree, devoid of leaves. Jason and Havoc walked toward each other while rolling up their sleeves.

“You’re a c*ckblocking son of a bitch!”

“What? At least I stayed behind to clean up the mess, you just upped and ditched.”

“I was trying to put moves on her man, we had a deal!”

“And you expect me to honor the agreement with that stupid stunt you almost pulled? GET REAL!”

This banter went on quite a while. However, Hal decided to intervene before it got too hostile.

“Will you both shut up? You both are being idiots!” Hal spoke sounding serious.

“Besides it doesn’t matter what you or Havoc did in the end. Because Angel is already dating Trevor, my best friend.” Hal said reluctantly.

“WHAT!?” Jason and Havoc scream simultaneously.

Turns out that Hal was good friends with Angel as they were co-workers. Which Jason already knew being the keen observer. However, what he didn’t know was that they were so close, that Hal had set his best friend up, Trevor with her. Hal remembered that Angel had a twin sister. However, Hal never remembered the name and thought it irrelevant, until now. Jason didn’t care much for the story anyhow. Since he only liked Asuly and not Angel, he could care less about Angel’s availability. Although, what did surprise Jason, “Oh ok then, it no longer matters then.”, was how Havoc acted nonchalantly. Havoc soon began to smile and snicker at Jason, who was aware of the reason. Since Havoc never had a chance, the only person with something to lose due to that incident at the store…..was Jason. Jason’s face became tense with fear. All while Havoc was snickering at him like it was the joke of the year. Jason needed to clarify one thing. “So you’re telling me since Angel was already taken, I tried to stop Havoc…FOR NOTHING!?” Havoc soon burst out laughing, as if Jason finally revealed the punch line. Soon Hal started to whine. “Great, now Angel is going to text asking me what that incident was about.” Jason’s eyes lit up, thinking he found his saving route.

“Hey, Hal can you do me a favor?”


“Please, you’re my only savior.”


“Look I know I screwed up.”


“But please help me out!”

“Sorry, I am not gonna be your bailout.”

“Look, please won’t you lie?”

“Huh, why?”

“The sister doesn’t know me yet.”

“Wanna bet?”

“What? I never met Angel before.”

“I’m sure she knows you after what you did in the store.”

“I beg you, at least don’t tell her my name!”

“Why not? You are partially to blame.”

So Hal’s phone started to vibrate. All while Havoc had a smile ever so vibrant.

“PLEASE! I am at the end of my wits!”

“Tell you what Jason, in honor of tonight, ‘I’ll think about it.’

That remark reminded Jason of that night, putting him in a state of disaster. Meanwhile, Havoc is enjoying this spectacle with such merriment and laughter.

The trio soon made it back to Jason’s apartment. While Havoc was busy mixing drinks with the many assortments. Jason was still trying to plead with Hal, while Havoc still laughed at Jason’s just desserts. Eventually, Jason got on his knees and begged to where Hal said, “Ok, watching this is starting to hurt.” Hal finally agreed to help Jason. Jason was now filled with determination. Hal looked to see what Angel’s text was. However, Hal gave a slight pause. Hal gave the phone to Jason to read the text. Confused, Jason read the text, but quickly turned quite vexed.  The text reads something like this:

“Hal, I gotta say your friends are quite ‘interesting’. Btw was one of your friends named Jason?” This was a text coming from the sis. Unfortunately, Jason made one mistake. A mistake that quickly gave him a headache. Angel did see Jason at the library and Asuly must’ve filled her in with the details. Jason thought hard if there was a way for him to prevail. Havoc soon read the text, “Man, you gotta love sweet serendipity.” However, Jason was too stubborn to give up and had an epiphany. “Wait, what if we give a different name?” At this point, Havoc and Hal each put a hand on Jason’s shoulder saying, “It’s over, you have lost this game.” With that, the trio decided instead of a night to remember, they turned it into a night to forget. This caused Jason to forgo his dogma for the night and drink six shots of vodka in less than ten minutes, which he had no time to regret.

What a way to end the year folks? Jason using that confession to pin all of his hopes. All while Jason was dealing with his friendly rivalry with Havoc. Yet only to seemingly fall short in the end, how tragic. Who would’ve thought Hal knew and was actually friends with one of the twins? Pretty sure if Jason knew that under better circumstances he might’ve been able to win.  However, since Jason and Asuly haven’t spoken since the time of this story, can we really say that was a rejection? Honestly, I don’t know whether Jason truly lost in gaining Asuly’s affection. Maybe all the parties involved can use this time away during the holidays for a moment of reflection. Hopefully, Jason isn’t feeling abjection. More importantly, thank you, my lovely readers, for reading this story. I highly doubt this is the end of this part of the story. There are still a few unanswered questions. And I so do hate half-assed endings, with no progression. I would like to wish you all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!! Hopefully, Jason and his band of friends will overcome their fears. As always ladies and gentleman I am Mr.X. Now some of you might be wondering what will happen next?

While there are still things I haven’t foreseen.

This will mostly be continued in the year 2018.

To think this started in the library.

But with that, I’ll see you guys in the next entry.  



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