My Dear Valentine: Regular Edition

It is important for us to learn from past mistakes. Because without that we become no different from wild mindless creatures. Even when solving problems it is important to learn from past cases, because as Sherlock Holmes said, “The old wheel turns, and the same spoke comes up. It’s all been done before, and will be again.” So I make sure to pay attention to all the details of all my adventures in order to learn from past mistakes. However, we shouldn’t just learn. We must also strive to improve on old ideas. If a certain scheme didn’t work it is best to dissect it and understand why it did not give the intended results and perhaps trying again with a bit of an improvement on said idea. Therefore, you won’t be branded with the mark of insanity. Although, with striving to learn from history as to not repeat it. One must not be consumed by the past and in turn, must be open to new possibilities they have yet to discover. Just because one idea failed the first time doesn’t mean the same will fail again given different parameters. Or if it does fail it doesn’t necessarily mean they were for similar reasons… Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is X, Mr. X. Your beloved storyteller. Already a few months into 2018 and there are so many interesting stories and adventures to tell. However, I do believe I promised a continuation with our dear protagonist Jason, and his quest to get closer to the woman he fancies, Asuly. So without further ado, let’s begin this interesting narrative.

So after the events of Twinsanity, Jason and his friends still had more adventures to partake in. Some of which included Jason unknowingly becoming friends with Trevor, which happened to be Hal’s best friend. In addition, Trevor happens to also be dating Angel which is Asuly’s twin sister. No to mention, Asuly was made well aware of the whole store incident caused by Jason and Havoc. However, instead of being upset, she actually found the whole incident hilarious, much to Jason’s surprise. With a brief sigh of relief, Jason’s vigor and excitement made him that much more determined to capture Asuly’s heart. Which leads us to our next interesting story.


January 24, 2018 Deja vu


It’s around night time and Jason begins to leave the gym with a tired expression on his face. “Hm?” As he walks away, a certain flyer catches Jason’s attention. “You have gotta be kidding me, this again?” Jason’s begins to peer at the sheet of paper. Then in a brief moment, Jason begins to rub his forehead with an annoyed grin. Almost as if he began to reminisce about an old adventure that took an annoying and very troublesome turn. Jason takes his phone and takes a picture of the flyer and sends it to his good friend Major. The flyer soon revealed a build-a-bear workshop for 2018 Valentines day.

“Major, should I try that old scheme again?”

“On the new girl? It’s a toss up honestly. lol, what if you just get a stuffed rabbit and give it to Asuly in front of Usagi.”

“As tempting as that sounds, I haven’t seen or heard from Usagi after that incident.”

“You mean the incident where she went to your place and-”

“We don’t talk about that anymore,” Jason said, sounding both stern and cold.

“Ever wondered where Usagi disappeared to?”

“Remind me to care about that never. Now about Asuly?”

“Well, you know what not to do this time so just hot tub time machine this and get the girl, Hero.”


“I really do hate using the same trick multiple times.”


With the support of his good friend Major, Jason looks back on the flyer. Jason stares at the flyer with a serious expression. However, after a few minutes, Jason let go a huge sigh and takes out his phone again. “I’ll just have to elevate this old scheme of mines, third time’s the charm, right?” As Jason said this, he began to walk while fiddling with his phone. Upon closer inspection, Jason was texting Asuly asking her, “what is your favorite animal?” As Jason began to make his way to go home, he had a look of determination on his face. A couple minutes later, Jason’s phone begins to go off. Jason checks his phone and sees Asuly’s response to his question. However, as Jason began to read the text, his eyes began to widen in shock. “You have got to be kidding me,” Jason said as he started to rub his forehead with an annoyed grin. Apparently, Asuly had a list of favorite animals much to Jason’s surprise. Going over the entire list would be beyond ridiculous, but the important ones are Orcas, Pandas, and penguins. As Jason begins to think with if he can even pull this off, one important question crosses his mind. Where the @#$! am I going to find an Orca?  


A few days later and an apparent terrorist accusation, a bonfire goes by and Jason is still no closer to finding an Orca. That is until he meets up with his friend, Comrade. To give a brief overview, Comrade is both a raging communist and a devoted sailor. Oh, and he happens to also be batshit insane, was that an important detail? After Comrade “accidentally” interrupted Jason and Asuly as they were hanging out eating together. Oh, and did I mention that he “accidentally” made Jason look like a terrorist in front of Asuly, TRUE STORY. Jason told Comrade about the build-a-bear workshop event and the fact that he wants to give something to Asuly for Valentine’s day. Comrade began to think and said,

“Yeah, I don’t think you will find an Orca at this event.”

“That’s exactly my point, Comrade. Any ideas?” Jason asked.

Jason went to Comrade because he was the best person when it came to finding random junk for amazing prices. Comrade tends to make daily visits to goodwill, flea markets, anywhere you can find a mountain of crap at an acceptable price, Comrade was bound to be there. “Ok, I may have a few prospects for you, I’ll ask around,” Comrade said to reassure Jason. Jason, while happy was also puzzled at Comrade’s eagerness to help him.

“Not that I’m complaining, but what’s your angle here? Are you planning to make me look like an even bigger idiot in front of her again?” Jason said sounding irritated. Comrade merely shrugged off Jason’s suspicion and answered, “Actually, I don’t know why I just feel like helping you. That and a part of me feels a little guilty for making you look like a terrorist in front of your crush.” Comrade tried to give a smile as he tried to make amends, but the very reminder of that disaster dinner made Jason glare at his Soviet friend. I may need new friends…


February 13, 2018 Preparation


After a couple weeks and seven miles of walking on foot. Jason and Comrade were unable to find an Orca as it was too specific of a find. So, the two of them decided it’s best to settle for a panda since it was one of Asuly’s favorite animals anyway. So with phase one semi done, Jason had to work on phase two: making a letter that would capture her heart!  Although, the idea was easier said than done. To reiterate, Jason has tried using poetry on two other occasions and both times they had failed him. So Jason went and asked his friend Crow for assistance. So to briefly explain Crow, look up the movie The Crow with Brandon Lee and add a guitar and that’s Jason’s friend, Crow in a nutshell. Oh and he also happens to be a pirate and is best friends with Comrade making Crow by association crazy, would that be important? Anyway, with Crow’s advice and overseeing, Jason managed to finish the letter.

“Yo, Crow, you think this will work?”

“Well after meeting her and getting a sense of her personality, coming on way too strong will kill your chances.”

“Yeah, about that whole exchange with you talking to her…”

“Now, Jason we can talk about this.”

Apparently, after one evening in the gym, Jason and Crow were working out and suddenly Asuly also appeared in the gym. Needless to say, after Crow found out the reason for why Jason was so nervous, Crow decided to taunt and tease Jason endlessly. Crow even stated Jason had an eye for “talent” and went as far as to have a full blown conversation and try to make Jason look a tad bit foolish in front of Asuly. However, due to Crow cleverly positioning himself in front of Asuly, Jason was unable to enact any sense of “justice”. Although, at this point, Jason and Crow were alone and since Asuly was no longer in the general vicinity, and Crow happened to remind Jason of the whole ordeal. Jason begins to emit a devilish smirk as he walks closer to Crow cracking his knuckles. Crow sensing Jason’s growing ill intentions, Crow retreats to his laptop and began typing away. “Hold it, Jason I have a message for you,” Crow said as he puts his hand up in surrender. Jason raised his eyebrow in confusion as Crow pressed a button on his laptop.

“Hey Jason, it’s me Asuly, please don’t hurt Crow. By the way, I love you so much please inse-”

Crow had used a text to speech website on his laptop, which only served to enraged Jason.TRUE STORY. Crow began to let out a loud laugh. Too bad his amusement was short lived. After a few minutes of loud screams.

“Okay, so we are good on the whole letter right, Crow?” Jason said, particularly relieved.

“Ugh, yeah that should be good enough,” Crow said, groaning in pain.

After a few moments, Crow began to ask, “So Jason, when do you plan to give this to her?”

“If I’m lucky, tomorrow.

“What time?”

After a brief moment of thought, Jason asked, “Why?”

Crow began to grin in amusement, “Because I want to see this all go down.”

“Out of the question.”




“NO! Are you out of your mind? Why would-”

Hey Jason, this is Asuly, please don’t be mean to Crow, love you!”

Jason rage began to boil and his evil grin returns as he eyes, Crow. A few minutes later, “Fine you can help me out as back up but if you do an funny business.”

“Ugh, I won’t and ow ow, that one really hurt you know.”

“I really hope this scheme of mine works out well,” Jason said, a bit concerned about the next day’s event.

“Yeah, I’ll pray for your success as well.”

The two friends remain hopeful for tomorrow’s events to go smoothly, which brings us to D-day or V-day.

February 14, 2018 Valentine’s day


The big day finally arrives and Jason rises early in the morning. The Build-a-bear event was supposed to start at 12:30, so Jason already running a little late decided to hop on a bus and get to the location of the event at 11:30. This time, remembering past events, Jason decides to stand in line early before the event starts. Just like before the event begins a half an hour earlier as well at 12. As the line moved closer Jason finally got to the table and looked at their selections. Ok, Orca, Orca, Orca, do they have an Orca? As Jason constantly looked around at the selection of stuffed animals, there was no killer whale present. However, Jason did manage to find the next best thing. He found a whole row of penguins to choose from, so without hesitation, Jason took the penguin. A few moments later, Jason had a newly stuffed penguin ready to give Asuly along with the panda.


Now with all of the items, Jason has gathered all that was left to do was to prepare to present this to the girl in question. Jason went to his club room for supplies and to work in secret. “Ok, now how should I present this card to her?” said Jason deep in thought. After a couple hours of both thinking and preparing, Jason finally finished. Thus Jason walked off into the unknown.


Fast forward to a few hours later, Jason met up with Crow and began discussing their plan of attack on their way to the gym. “I’m really hoping Asuly is actually at the gym today, or all that prep becomes useless,” Jason said with slight concern. “Well we both asked and made sure, so I’m sure she’s there,” said Crow. Jason and Crow continued to walk, but Jason kept quiet, lost in thought. While it is true the chance of me seeing Asuly is high, that’s not what concerns me… With that line of thought, Jason couldn’t help but remember the last time he tried another similar idea with someone else. In addition, to how catastrophic it all ended. “Come now Jason, why such a scary face, I’m sure it’ll all work out,” Crow said trying to cheer up Jason. Jason remained silent as he kept walking, with a slight smirk on his face Jason speaks. “Crow, regardless of what happens, thank you and Comrade for helping me out.” Crow widens his eyes, then says, “No problem happy to help.” Thus the two walk inside hoping for the best outcome possible.

I believe that’s a good place to cut our story folks. A lot of interesting setups here. Will Jason finally be able to grasp Asuly’s heart or will it end just like that time with that pesky rabbit? If you wish to find out I suggest you follow and stay tuned for My Bloody Valentine. Until then Ladies and Gentlemen, I, Mr.X, shall be taking my leave. Hope to see you next time but until then. We shall continue this in the next entry.




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