About me

I go by this persona named X, Mr.X to be exact. I’m just a someone still searching for his own meaning for living. I am an Otaku, bookworm,  somewhat of a writer,misanthropist, and anti-social loner that tend to serve as an amateur Detective(as a hobby) however currently no one really needs my input on things. Though I know this probably won’t happen but have a case or a riddle you want me to solve or just advice for something feel free to comment or whatever. Now that I am done with the advertising let’s get to the point. This blog’s main purpose was for me to expose my observation, criticisms, facts, opinions and my many inquiries of life in general to the public..Or at least those willing to read. Not to mention since I occasionally like to write stories as the mood strikes me so please look forward to that…or not. I have experienced that my thought processing may be a bit confusing and hard to swallow for certain people, so consider this my warning in advance. They other blog’s purpose is my way of proving that I exist. In some way like a legacy to leave behind should I happen to expire. I really hate living in such a meaningless, stagnating existence enough to the point where reality is to suffer the end of my sword with my words of the cynical criticisms that indeed make this place to bland, but I digress. Basically I absolutely abhor boredom and will do almost anything to alleviate it, and in this case, it is to make a blog. Hopefully, this will spice things up a bit and I will have interesting things to share, which I already do, but I need something more current. I wonder if this was a good enough insist to me? I never really did like talking about myself or be good at it. Regardless if I was to go through everything about myself this would way too long and chances are no one is even going to read. So with that folks, I leave remember to stay tuned for hopefully much to come. If you wish to contact me about certain things and such feel free to contact me on Xnomonogatari@gmail.com Until next time!!




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