Theoretical Arguments

Just my Random Musings on the finer things that happen throughout life that most overlook or do not try to further explore. Perhaps these well make you rethink a few things or better yet come with you own thought provoking questions and answers.

Is it wrong to Know?

Ladies and Gentlemen!!! Once again, I, Mr.X, your loving yet acerbic narrator has returned to you in all awesomeness. My apologies to those who have been waiting patiently for my next work. To be honest, even though I’m currently freed from college, I still have certain obligations to fulfill. Ah, such as life. Currently I am in the process of reading another light novel(No Game No Life V6). Not to mention my personal endeavors haven’t bore much fruit…sadly. However, that is enough of that silly trifle. Today my fellow viewers I have no story to tell today(it’s been a slow month). Rather, I have another inquiry to share with you. This may spark a bit of controversy, but I implore you to read thoroughly to the end. In any case, let us end this twaddle, and begin the deconstruction!! (more…)


What exactly are you looking for?

Why hello there, Ladies and Gentlemen, so happy to find some people still reading some of my work. However, I, Mr. X, don’t exactly have a tale to share ,per say, but more of an inquiry that has bothered me as of late. Even till this morning I couldn’t help but ponder about it. This could be due to my current reading material(Danganronpa zero), or perhaps this could be due to the inevitable crossroads in my life and my stance on it. Considering my demographic I doubt I am the only one that can’t help but think about such trifles. Whether it is by a growing curiosity or by a persecuting stigma depends on your own personal background. Without further adieu, my fellow readers let us begin to deconstruct this inquiry. (more…)

The Prattles of a Loser about “Love”

I know it has been a while but trust me nothing of that importance has happened in the days past that are “majorly” important. Just a few college mishaps I caused and am forced to deal with, but i digress. I guess today we will talk about the idea of love, the reason being that recently on so many social networks,especially twitter, many people are complaining about being lonely and wanting that special someone. By the way I should mention that these are mostly girls complaining, which should be very obvious considering guys don’t bring up such trivial things until later in their lives. However there are example of guys losing themselves and unfortunately not even I can escape this. With all of this crap being spewed I can’t help but I wonder, (more…)